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One way to keep your things safe when you’ve been collecting.

Its one of the most difficult things that you need to do around a modern house. Keep it tidy. As a society we’ve never had so much stuff to look after and make space for. If you look back at museum representations of working people’s houses, you’ll barely find anything. They would be astounded with how much stuff we have, and they would certainly question our need for it. If your feeling a little cluttered there is a solution for you and that is  a Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire based company like https://lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/. They can soon sort you out with a set of units that will take away all the pain of having too many clothes and not enough space or they can provide storage.

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If you think you’ve got a lot of items in your house, I’ll bet that you do not need to have an entire country house devoted to it. This is what happens when you spend your inherited fortune collecting examples of the best and finest works of arts and craft you could find. In fact, you love it so much that you have to live in the small servants house next door rather than in the house itself. This is Snowshill Manor and the man in question is Charles Paget Wade. He stored a multitude of items in the house and the range of things is quite incredible. The whole lot can be seen at Snowshill Manor set as it is in the beautiful rolling hills of the Cotswolds amid a very pastoral rural setting. Wade left the whole place to the National Trust on the strict instructions that nothing should be changed or touched or sold off. The Trust duly complied with his wishes, whilst he was a alive and a frequent visitor but they have had to make a few cosmetic changes to the property to ensure that people can get round it easily but otherwise its still pretty much the way that Wade left it.

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Here are just a few highlights.

26 suits of Samurai Armour. This is the largest collection outside of Japan and is arranged in the style of a meeting with full masks and an audio sound track.

Black and gold cabinets ornately made. These are a little bit different for the cupboards that Lamco will do for you, but they are worth admiring.

Masses of clocks in all shapes and styles. As is in keeping with the eccentric of Wade all the times they tell is different.

An enormous Frigate model. A bit more advanced than your average Hornby kit.

This is just the surface. Wade also collected a huge amount of clothes and dresses that are stored elsewhere from Snownshill. They are kept at Berrington Hall.

This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that surplus stuff we accumulate over the years. This will lessen the amount that needs to be boxed up too. Packings things you later dump is a waste of energy. You have the choice to either rent a self storage facility to store them temporarily or you could hire a skip and be ruthless. For Skip Hire Swansea, visit http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/

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