Top 5 British Rising Stars in Boxing

The British boxing ring has seen several stars rise over the years. We have seen stars like James DeGale, Tony Bellow, and George Groves, among others. What about big shots like Ricky Burns and Amir Khan? These champions seem to have birthed a new crop of superstars! But, who is the most promising among the …

5 Reasons to Play Fantasy Sports in 2020

The fantasy sports trend is booming in 2020, with many people now searching for a way to boost their winnings and to create their own dream team for their favorite sport. If you need more convincing why you should take up fantasy sports as a way of entertaining yourself in 2020, read on.

Planning submission for Highland golf course

As the historical seat of modern golf, Scotland boasts a good level of golf tourism and it is no surprise that golf enthusiasts are looking to capitalise on this. Image Credit The Highland Council has recently been presented with a new planning submission for an 18-hole links golf course to be situated just north of …

Best sports bikes 2017

Best sports bikes 2017. The super sports motorcycle segment has received important news this year with models adapted to the Euro4 regulations, but still offering high performance, many electronics to control their power and being more usable for day to day, as for road or circuit.


Practicing sports can be one of the healthier habits that we can acquire. However, it is important to know how and which are the most recommended. Depending on the goals you want to achieve or your particularities, some activities or others will be more effective. For all this, we propose that you continue reading and …