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4 Simple Ways to Edit and Improve Business Photos

Although it is best to get in a professional photographer to capture (and edit) business photos – at times that may not be an option. In any case it is helpful if you’re able to at least edit and improve your business photos in basic ways, so that you don’t need to incur additional costs every time you want to make alterations.

As much as photo editing can be a little bit complicated and does require some experience – everyone has to start somewhere. The fact of the matter is that there are simple ways that you can start to edit and improve your business photos, while gaining experience along the way:

  • Automatically adjust the white balance and use color correction

One of the easiest features that is present in most photo editors would have to be the automated white balance and color correction tools. Essentially these tools are designed to calculate the white balance and color settings and then apply them to your photos.

By using this feature you should be able to improve the colors of your business photos. If possible try to manually experiment with the color parameters as well, so you can slowly figure out how they affect your photos.

  • Crop the photo using the rule of thirds as a guide

By using the crop tool you can remove a part of your photo’s frame, effectively adjusting and re-framing your photo. That can be extremely potent when you use a composition technique such as the rule of thirds as a guide to create more impressive business photos.

Essentially the rule of thirds will have you position the subject and other elements based on a three by three grid. In some editors that grid may be integrated into the crop tool, while in others you may need to enable it separately.

It may be a good idea to also improve the composition by removing objects or even the entire background – but that can be a bit more complicated. For example using Movavi Photo Editor you could follow the steps at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-change-photo-background.html.

  • Add text elements and customize their typography and appearance

Placing text elements within business photos is a popular way to create marketing images – especially for social media. The presence of text on a photo will create a focal point, and it will automatically draw the attention of viewers.

It is important that you not only add text to your business photos, but customize its typography and appearance. The goal should be to make sure it fits with the visual style of your photo, and uses contrast to set itself apart just enough so that it is readable.

  • Apply filters to stylize business photos consistently

Filters are an easy way to edit business photos and stylize them in various ways. More importantly they will let you adopt a consistent visual style across all of your business photos – and that can be part and parcel of your visual brand.

The types of filters that are available to you will vary depending on the editor that you’re using. That being said you should experiment with them, and pick out specific filters that you want to apply consistently to all your business photos in the future.

By this point you should have several options that you can use to edit and improve your business photos. All of the tools described above are really very easy to use, and you shouldn’t have any issues applying them.

If you start to edit your photos using the options listed, you will gradually gain the experience that you need to move on to more advanced ways of editing them too.

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