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The excitement of furnishing my new conservatory.

I was lucky enough recently to have had the building works on my new conservatory completed. I am really pleased with it and will really enjoy sitting looking out into my garden with a nice drink in my hand enjoying the late evening sun. The only problem is that at the moment I will be sitting on the heated floor in a room with bright white walls as I have yet to decorate and furnish it. I have had some ideas on the types of furniture that will get though, and I thought I would share some of my furnishing and decorating ideas with you.

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At the top of my list is some Lloyd Loom Chairs. I have seen some lovely ones on. These chairs are not only comfortable but also give a rustic countryside feel to the room which is just what I wanted. I also like the fact that I can buy Lloyd Loom Chairs in a neutral design and colour and then whenever I decide to change the colour theme in the conservatory (I often get a bit twitchy about redecorating once a room has been done for just over 18 months), I can simply change the cushions that I place on the chair to match.

Next on the list for me is to get a nice luxurious rug to place on the floor. Although the conservatory flooring is heated it still feels a tad chilly in the mornings and occasionally I like to sit on the floor surrounded by some large pillows whilst enjoying a bowl of popcorn and good film on the television or perhaps a box set of a television series. There are so many great shows to choose from at the moment that I am almost spoilt for choice.

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Obviously before all the flooring and future is in place I am going to decorate the walls. Perhaps in a nice light lilac colour or better yet a nice sunny yellow to compliment the beautiful view of the garden. The Lloyd Loom chairs positioned so that whoever is sat in them can look out over the blooming Magnolia tree or perhaps the Wisteria that is growing up the garage wall will help to create a beautiful calm and relaxing space that I can enjoy after a long hard day at work.

Do you have a conservatory, if so what do you use it for and do you have any favourite furniture items in there?

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