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For cards with higher interest rates, higher amounts are paid than the minimum wage, and on low-interest maps at least until high rates are paid.Now you’re married and looking for your own home: Some facts …

  • When married couples maintain separate credit card accounts, some or all of the balances may be transferred to the accounts of one of the spouses. This gives the other spouse the opportunity to increase his credit score and appoint him as the only borrower in the mortgage loan. Possession may remain in both names!
  • How about a payment for late or delayed debt?

  • Do you have a history of two and fiction over the past two years?
  • Pay them if you can! Past duets over two years will have little impact on your credit score if they are paid, but they may be able to bring down something you don’t want to do. Focus on 2-year terms …

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    Check your credit report for errors.

  • Do you see errors in the report? Ask the credit bureau to remove all overdue debts that you have incorrectly filed, or the things that should have been removed, which you have already paid. They must reconcile this for 30 days …
  • If you see items in the report that are less than two years and you have the money to pay for it now, check the payment return with the following notation: \”The acceptable test is proof that the transaction is complete, and this charge will be removed from my credit record.\” If necessary, you can use this excellent test as proof of the transaction in the event that the overdue debts are not promptly removed and will not prevent the closing of your credit ..

    These points were allocated from NNFCC National Credit Counching (800) 388-2227, Clark Howard site, where he recommends \”You may want to reserve a book for investing in yourself.\”

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