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How Crime Affects the Bail Rate

Every person accused of a crime is taken to the station for processing. After the police gather the defendant’s personal information, he or she will have bail set. Sometimes, the bail is based on a schedule that the station has and in other cases, the judge may customize the amount based on the crime and the person’s criminal record. Here are two factors that contribute to the bail amount.

Categories of Crimes

Worse crimes have higher bail rates. When it comes to misdemeanor versus felony offenses, the bail rate is different. Misdemeanors are much lower, whereas some felony offenses can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to felony and misdemeanor crimes, the nature of the crime also matters. Those who committed more violent crimes are more likely to have a higher bail rate.

Repeat Offenders of Crime

If the defendant has a lengthy criminal record, it is more likely that his or her bail rate is going to be set higher than a first-time offender. This is the justice system’s attempt at protecting the community against offenders. It can also serve as a deterrent when the defendant is released back into the community. He or she may be less likely to commit the same crime, knowing that bail could be restricted or higher the next time. No matter the bail rate, however, you can always talk to a Pennsylvania bail bonds company. They can help you to come up with the money to pay higher bail rates.

When a person is arrested for a crime, most often, he or she can post bail. There are only rare occurrences where bail is denied. This tends to be for more serious crimes where the person is considered a threat to society. For smaller, less violent crimes, there is less likely to be a denial of bail or a high rate set.

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