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See you again in the Spring

Each year throughout the world thousands of birds move from one place to another usually as a result of the temperature changes or movement of their natural food sources. Unfortunately, birds and other animals have to rely on the natural changes in the earths meteorological systems in order to keep themselves both warm and cool depending on the time of year. As we have evolved as humans and technological advances have taken place we are in a very privileged position where we can manipulate our environment to suit our needs and at this time of year this means turning on our heating to keep our houses nice and warm. Our only real requirement is to make sure that we maintain our heating systems and if you are looking for Boiler servicing in Gloucester then http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ can help out with all your needs.

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The history around bird migration

Over a million years ago, during the ice age, the areas that we now know as Europe were much colder than we know them to be today. Asa result of the ice areas creating inhabitable environments for most animals, birds tended to be concentrated in the southern areas of Europe and Africa, where the temperature was warmer and there were more insects and other food items available.

Once the ice age started to enter decline and the ice areas shrank up towards the Arctic region the birds naturally started to have access to new areas where the temperatures during the summer were higher and daylight hours longer. This meant that the birds themselves could survive and even thrive in these conditions and the same could be said for their food sources. In these new areas there was less competition for food and space meaning that more and more birds started to naturally move into these spaces.

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This is why during the warmer late spring and summer months you will see an abundance of birds here in the UK, feeding off the numerous insects that exist and even nesting here to rear their young. But as our weather starts cool and become wetter, they often have to move across to the warmer climates taking their young with them, before returning again the following Spring and the cycle begins all over again.

As temperatures across the world are slowly changing again, due to the effects of global warming we will start to see changes in the patterns of migrating birds once again.

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