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Why you might need a Wedding Planner

You might not think you can afford to hire a wedding planner, but the question you should be asking, is can you afford not to? Planning a wedding is a time-consuming, daunting and exhausting task. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop for you to plan it either. You still have to go to work etc. A wedding planner can prove priceless for you managing to stay sane and still get everything done in preparation for the big day. Here are some benefits to letting someone else do all the hard work for you:


You might think that spending money on a wedding planner makes no budgetary sense. However, did you know that being part of the wedding industry means your wedding planner has all the best contacts and could potentially get their hands on all the best deals too! They will also help you to stick to a budget and not get carried away. Perhaps you need that cool voice of reason to help prevent you from spending money you don’t have?

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Wedding planners know the local wedding business like the back of their hand. They have built relationships with suppliers, are great at networking and know the best people in the industry to work with for your big day. They will also have good knowledge and experience with different venues. For a stunning Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue, visit https://www.hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings


Solving problems comes naturally to wedding planners. Let’s face it, it’s much easier for them to solve an issue than you, as you are far too emotionally involved. They will also share their knowledge of nuptials with you – when to send out invitations, how much to spend on the cake and where on earth to seat people on the table plan! Most planners have ‘been there, done that’ so you know you’re in safe hands.


If organisation is something you have little time for, then a wedding planner has it covered. Everything about your wedding will be recorded on project management software, so you’ll never miss an important deadline or forget to pay a supplier. They will keep a strict schedule and to-do list which takes a huge amount of worry and organisation out of your hands.

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By hiring a planner, you’ll also be tapping into their knowledge of all the latest wedding trends and fashions, from dresses to favours and everything in between. They can also create mood boards for you to discuss what ideas, themes, colours or styles you might be interested in. Any colours you choose can be carried around by the planner in swatches to ensure perfect co-ordination.

On the day

Just because the day has arrived doesn’t mean their job is over. They wouldn’t miss it for the world and will be with you every step of the way making sure everything runs like clockwork and looks fabulous. With so many variables involved, there are countless things that could go wrong on the day. With your planner there however, they can deal with issues on your behalf, leaving you free to relax and have the most wonderful experience.

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