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Different ways to cut your nails

Each person has their own personality in nails and hands. The shape of our fingers, if we have large or small hands, if we bite our nails or if we like to keep them long … these are some of the things that distinguish our hands from those of others. But we can always give them something to make them look more beautiful or healthy, or simply to give them our personal touch. For this, nothing else is needed but to cut our nails in the way we want and then make our favorite manicure.

In addition, nail trends change according to the season. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain the different ways of cutting nails that are usually used since the simple act of cutting or filing our nails in one way or another can significantly change the appearance of our hands and our manicure.

Oval-square nailsDifferent ways to cut your nails

Square nails, both long and short, are a classic that never goes out of style. In addition, they give a very feminine touch to your hands. Also, with this cut, the nails tend to be stronger and more durable.

Cutting the nails into a square shape will make your manicure stand out much more. For example, it fits very well with the French manicure or the American manicure.

To cut the nails this way, leave them long and cut them straight with a nail clipper at the tip, then file the corners of the nails from below and tap. The option of rounding the corners a little will help you to avoid snagging all over the place and it will also add naturalness to your hands.

Almond-shaped nails or Almonds nailsDifferent ways to cut your nails

They are a more striking nail style that not all girls dare to wear. It is about growing the nails and once they are long enough to give them an almond shape. Many women also choose to go to a beauty center to put false nails and give them this shape, since natural it is not possible to get them as long and strong.

To achieve this figure, we will first remove the cuticles backward. Since the intention is to give the nails a very elongated appearance and, then, we will file the sides until giving an almost peak finish. To file these nails we advise you to use a wide and padded file.

The common thing is to decorate these nails with striking and sometimes extravagant manicures. They are usually complemented with pearls, relief designs, or colorful prints.

The advantage is that your manicure will look attractive by giving the feeling of large and pompous nails.

Square nailsDifferent ways to cut your nails

The procedure is the same as for oval-square nails, but in this case, you should not round the corners as much, just file them a little so that they do not get caught in the clothes.

This cut is the most recommended for the toenails to prevent them from digging into the skin.

Pointed nails or StilettoDifferent ways to cut your nails

This nail cut, without a doubt, is the most peculiar. To do this you must put on false nails. You can buy them now with this silhouette or you can buy nails with a normal shape and file until you reach the pointed finish.

This nail cut goes great with leopard and zebra prints or animal prints.

Round or oval nailsDifferent ways to cut your nails

It is the most common form of nails and the one that requires the least maintenance. This is about giving your nails an oval shape by filing the corners with your usual file.

It is ideal for small hands and fingers because it will give them a longer and feminine and subtle appearance.

Remember that choosing the right type of file is essential and always try to file smoothly. And only in one direction to avoid brittle or brittle nails.

These are the different ways to cut your nails that are usually used and it is the first step to follow before doing your manicure. Remember that the care, aesthetics, and hygiene of your nails is essential if you want to maintain well-groomed hands that reflect health. If you are one of those who do not have time for anything, do not worry, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time, just pamper them a little, since what it is about is to find the cut that best suits you. Long or short, wide or narrow, in all manicures that receive a little affection you see the result

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