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The Benefits of Mango

In addition to having cosmetic benefits if we use topically, mango is rich in antioxidants, which help prevent heart disease, as well as vitamins A and C Also known as the peach of the tropics, mango is a well-known fruit from ancient times by the Indian tribes of the tropics and is currently produced all over the world.

The mango helps us to take care of our hair and our skin, at the same time that it nourishes and purifies the body with its antioxidant and diuretic properties.

Antioxidant and laxative

The Benefits of Mango
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Thanks to its high content in Vitamins A and C, and its malic and palmitic acids, mango is a very antioxidant fruit that helps protect us from heart disease, allergies or cancer. One 100 gram piece of mango contains 36.4 grams of vitamin C, which corresponds to 61% of the daily needs of that vitamin.

The fiber of the mango along with the fructose that has facilitates the intestinal transit and acts as a natural laxative, thus preventing constipation in an easy and effective way.

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Lose Weight

The mango contains 83% water, and despite its sweet taste gives us few calories and easily assimilable sugars. For this reason, mango is a recommended fruit to be present in slimming diets to take both breakfast and snack, satisfying the feeling of satiation, providing a high amount of water and avoiding the intake of calories and unnecessary fat.

Rich in minerals

The Benefits of Mango
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The mango also gives us a lot of minerals, which can be beneficial to cure certain diseases. Some of the minerals that the mango brings us are:

  • Iron: This mineral is essential for our body, prevents fatigue and helps us strengthen the defenses against diseases.
  • Copper: Beneficial for color and appearance of hair.
  • Magnesium: Protects us from cardiovascular disease, stress or menstrual pain.
  • Calcium: One of the most important minerals for the formation of bones.

Thanks to its high iron content, mango are very beneficial for the prevention of anemia. In addition, since the control also has a high content in vitamin C, it facilitates the absorption of iron.

How to eat the mango

The Benefits of Mango
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The mango is consumed just as much as in salads and juices. The skin of the mango is not eaten, to consume it fresh must be peeled. Since the mango is a very slippery fruit, it is recommended to peel them in a similar way to peeling a kiwi, cutting the fruit in half and separating the pulp from the skin with a large spoon.Bottom of Form

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