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Keys to decorate a Nordic bedroom

The Nordic or Scandinavian style is already a trend that is followed worldwide, so we all come to the head environments of this style. However, when you create spaces at home you may miss out. That is why we will give you the keys to create and decorate a Nordic bedroom at home. It is a simple style, but to express it we must be clear about what it is.

Decorating a Nordic bedroom can also be quite free within the guidelines of this style, so we will give you enough inspiration with the photographs so that you can imagine your own spaces already decorated. And of course there is a lot to choose from, pastel shades or black and white, geometric shapes or total white are some of the decisions we will have to make.

Keys to decorate a Nordic bedroom

White light spaces Nordic bedroom

If there is something that defines Nordic environments quite well, it is the great use they make of white color, its tone par excellence. They can add some pastel tone, but the truth is that the base must be white and provide a lot of light. If we start from some walls and a white floor, the rest will be quite easy.

Natural touches Nordic bedroom

In the Nordic world, they look for the ecological and the natural. That is why their environments are also very welcoming, because they add natural materials such as wood and wicker, as well as simple plants, in basic green tones. Do not forget this natural touch in your room to make it warmer. In these rooms also tend to choose tones found in nature, such as gray, light blue or navy blue.

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Light wood Nordic bedroom

If you do not want a totally white environment because it seems very cold, then you will opt for the Nordic style in which wood has a great presence. Of course, we must clarify that the wood in these environments is clear, never dark wood or heavy-looking furniture but quite the opposite. Lightness and simplicity are sought. Whether we put wooden floors or furniture or walls.

Prints on textiles Nordic bedroom

The Scandinavian style in our room does not have to be boring. If we have painted everything in white we can always add the touch of color with textiles, which as we know is the easiest way to change the appearance of a room. Nordic textiles have basic tones, like a lot or two and lots of white. It is usually the binomial in black and white, but also shades such as gray or blue, which combine with everything. And we must not forget the importance of geometric patterns, those that also trend.

Simple details Nordic bedroom

The details that we use to decorate the spaces should always be very simple, such as bedside tables, lamps or paintings. Here we see a clear example, in which they have added several paintings in basic tones, with thin and simple frames.

Pastel shades Nordic bedroom

While it is true that the color white is the king in the Nordic world, the truth is that pastel colors are also widely used, especially for children’s environments or for those who want a more cheerful touch in the room. Colors such as pale pink, mint green or pearl gray are ideal for these Nordic bedrooms.

Functionality and simplicity Nordic bedroom

Do not forget that the essence of the Nordic style is functional and simple environments. You must use the furniture necessary for your day to day but forget about additions that do not contribute anything. Furniture of basic forms, few prints, and much white color.

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