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Tools you need to succeed in event planning

Meetings, events and conferences can be pivotal in building businesses, reputations and connections for professionals; however, a lot of effort is required behind the scenes for them to run smoothly. Here are some tools to ensure successful event planning.

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It’s all about who you know

The Whova app can help entrepreneurs and business professionals alike to make contacts and connections before their events. This tool will enable you to network, view profiles of those attending and make the all-important connections in advance, giving users a distinct advantage in this area before they have even met their guests.

User-friendly management from start to finish

BusyConf will help to manage each aspect of your event. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and take the weight off the planner when it comes to sending out proposals, arranging speakers, tracking ticketing and ensuring smooth-running scheduling.

The time, stress and pressure involved in these endeavours should not be under-appreciated. According to Forbes, the role of an event coordinator ranked as the fifth most stressful job in 2017. Organising your own event adds this role to your resume while you juggle the other demands of your job and business.

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Such online solutions can be used effectively in conjunction with corporate event management services, such as Dublin event management company http://davisevents.ie. The additional tools and support will reduce the stress while ensuring a successful event and attendee engagement.

An all-in-one solution

The tools on offer at eventScribe run from app and website construction to floor plans, surveys, networking and attendee engagement solutions.

Go social with AppMyDay

Given the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it makes sense that much event preparation and promotion will utilise them to be successful. AppMyDay will help to create an app in line with your company image, with social analytics and a singular, streamlined access point for photos, videos and messages.

Make attendees active participants

DoubleDutch offers a range of tools from its Live Engagement Platform and Event App, providing users with data to boost, improve and optimise their events while enabling their event attendees to take an active role. The app helps to connect guests with each other, the event and the brand to enable them to effectively network, share and fully engage in the overall experience.

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