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6 tips to take care of your feet

The feet bear all the weight of the day and it is important to take care of them to avoid the appearance of hardness, calluses, and other problems. We share tips to take care of your feet.

6 tips to take care of your feet

1. Comfortable shoestake care of your feet

First tips to take care of your feet. The calluses, cracks, and bunions are the most frequent problems that the feet usually suffer. They appear many times due to the friction or pressure of bad shoes. Always choose anatomical shoes that adapt well to the foot, comfortable, lightweight and flexible. The sole should be thin, with a rigid arch, a rounded tip and the heel should not exceed 4 cm.

2. Non-synthetic fabricstake care of your feet

Use yarn or wool socks and avoid synthetic fibers that hinder circulation and transpiration of the foot. One way to prevent sweating and foot odor is to avoid these tissues, keep the inside of shoes clean and use antiperspirants.

3. Foot exercisestake care of your feet

Walk along the beach barefoot to feel the massage of the sand or, failing that, by the grass. It is also very positive to jump rope, do ankle rotations or tiptoe. When you’re sitting, try trying on objects with your feet. It is one of the best tips to take care of your feet. You can do some yoga exercise for all your body.

4. Comforting bathtake care of your feet

After the wear and tear of the day or walking and exercising you may notice a special tiredness and burning sensation in the feet. At night, get used to soak them in warm water with relaxing salts for a few minutes. It is also very effective to put your feet in hot paraffin, wrap them in plastic and then in a hot towel for 15 minutes to keep warm. After the bath, dry them well to avoid the appearance of fungus, remove impurities by exfoliating the skin with a horsehair glove.

5. Exfoliationtake care of your feet

Remove the cuticles and protect your nails with hardener to avoid ingrown and brittle nails and grow stronger.

6. Hydrationtake care of your feet

If you add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your body cream, you will get a feeling of extra freshness. There are special products for dry feet and with a hardness that exert a double action moisturizing and softening. Apply the cream with circular movements giving a light massage to stimulate the circulation of the area. The night is the time when the skin regenerates, take the opportunity to apply a natural treatment that consists of smearing the feet with Vaseline moisturizing and put them in socks to sleep, when you wake up will be very soft.

And do not forget the pedicure! Remove the cuticles and protect your nails with hardener to avoid ingrown and brittle nails and to grow stronger.

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