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Three ways that double glazed windows help the environment

Recently, people have become increasingly aware of just how much their lifestyle impacts negatively on the environment. Long car journeys, long-haul flights and even our diets, all adversely affect the environment.

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Gaining popularity in recent years, events such as World Environment Day promote preserving nature and helping the environment.

As much as we would like to, a complete overhaul on your lifestyle is difficult and overwhelming. However, some small changes can make a real difference in the world.
Installing double glazed windows in your home is one of the ways you can change, and help protect the environment.

Double glazing reduces heat loss

Buildings lose a large amount of heat through doors and windows. Install energy-efficient double glazing to help reduce thermal loss and help the environment. Double glazing consists of two layers of window glass with insulating gas held between them. Acting as a shield against the winter weather and cold temperatures, the construction of double glazing means you will require less heating in your home, reducing your energy bills and your effect on the environment. Double glazing also reduces your carbon footprint, as it lowers carbon dioxide usage by around 680 kgs a year.

Double glazing reduces draughts

Double glazed windows installed correctly will reduce draughts within your home. The seals in double glazing units also prevent the formation of condensation, meaning your windows will remain fog-free.

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Double glazing improves ventilation

As well as effectively preserving heat within the home during winter, it can also improve ventilation during the summer months. Tilt and turn double glazing windows allow fresh air to circulate, meaning you can reduce your cool air fan or air conditioning usage. This would again reduce your impact on the environment, and lower your energy bills.

Double glazed windows are a small but important and significant step to helping in the fight against climate change and whilst making your home more energy efficient, double glazed windows are rigorously tested to meet high standards in security, heat retention and weather performance. They also improve the appearance and value of your home.

Available in a different range of materials and finishes including oak veneer, mahogany and uPVC, there are colours, styles and options to suit every home.

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