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5 Best exercises for legs that will get toned

Exercising does not have to mean going to a paid gym, but there are many exercises that can be done at home. Also, if some instruments are needed, we can always use everyday things that are similar. As for the toning of the legs, we recommend you to spend some time on a daily basis. Next, in Health and Friendship, we bring you 5 best exercises for legs that will help you tone them.

They constitute the most important muscle group of our body, since they are in charge of transporting us from one place to another, so they are usually constantly subjected to overexertion. Very common situations like running a small race or jumping to avoid an obstacle require that our legs are trained. And by toning the legs we will make them suffer as little as possible. Do you want to get toned legs from the comfort of your home? Then you can not miss the 5 exercises for legs that we present below

5 Best exercises for legs to be toned

1. Side displacementsBest exercises for legs

The first of our leg exercises is perhaps one of the easiest to perform, although quite effective. To carry it out, you must stand up straight and with your feet together. After this, you must separate one of the legs on the side by flexing the knee, making sure to form a 90º angle. If you want to notice the results, you can start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions each and increase according to what your own body is asking for. It is one of the best exercises for legs that will help you tone them.

2. SquatsBest exercises for legs

Perhaps this is one of the best-known leg exercises; in fact, many sports experts call him the king of all leg exercises, as it helps increase muscle mass and tone both the legs and buttocks. To perform this exercise you must stand with your legs open, making sure that they must have the same opening angle as the width of your shoulders. In that position, stretch your arms forward and flex your legs as if you were sitting in a chair, then return to the starting position. You must do, at least, 3 sets of 10 repetitions each.

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3. Lunges

This may be one of the most intense leg exercises, especially when we begin to perform our sports routine. The lunges, help to have strong and firm legs and glutes. To carry out this exercise you must stand straight, stretch one leg forward and bend the knee at a 90º angle. The back leg should be as stretched as possible. You must hold in this position for a few seconds and then return to the initial, then repeat this exercise about 10 times alternating legs.

4. Climbing and descending stairsBest exercises for legs

This is one of the exercises for legs easier to carry out, since we can include it in our daily life, leaving the elevator to get home or work. You can also search a few minutes throughout the day to do this exercise more intensively. Of course, you must be careful with the intensity since you can injure your knee. In addition, it is a perfect exercise to tone and strengthen both the legs and the glutes. Investing about 10 minutes daily up and down stairs will help you with your purpose of toning your legs. It is one of the best exercises for legs that will help you tone them.

5. Horse kick

The last of our leg exercises are also known as hip extension. It allows shaping the legs, buttocks and also the abdomen. To do this you will have to adopt a quadruped position and tilt your body on the elbows, which should be supported on the ground. Then, lift one of your two legs and bend the knee at a 90º angle. To do this exercise it is very important that both your neck and your back are straight. In this way, you will avoid injuring yourself. Perform 15 repetitions with each leg and you will see, in a short time, the results.

The leg exercises shown here will help you tone them from home and even outdoors. Remember that you should spend a little time each day for the exercises to take effect. Tell us, what do you think about these leg exercises? Do you think they are easy exercises to perform? Do you know other exercises for legs that you want to share with us? Leave us your comments, we will be happy to read from you!

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