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Turning Kitchen Cabinet into Vanities

Kitchen cabinets usually get altered to fit a bathroom vanity. There is no doubt in the fact that some simple amendment can create lots of storage space in your washroom. It has been found out that homeowners through their expertise skills can make a kitchen cabinet into a bathroom vanity merely through installation of a vanity countertop and sink and through the trimming of the cabinet.

Some of the instructions that can be followed for turning kitchen cabinet into vanities are mentioned below:Turning Kitchen Cabinet into Vanities

First, you need to measure kitchen cabinet using a measuring tape. Most of the bathroom vanities are around 33 inches high and approximately 8 inches in depth from front to back.

You should remove the doors and drawers from the kitchen cabinet and for this you can use a screw driver. Beside this, you need to adjust the kitchen cabinet height so that it can remain within the 31- to 35-inch range. Thereafter, you need to remove the excess height through the trimming of the cabinet bottom using a circular saw.

You should put the cabinet into the right place and if the cabinet possesses a back, you should definitely take out the back part of the cabinet for accommodating the plumbing of the sink. Then use a pry bar and hammer for removing the back panel.

Installing the sink and countertop is considered to be the next step. However, in order to do so you should better follow manufacturer’s directions. If the cabinet comprises drawers and it obstructs the sink you should definitely remove the drawer fronts. Thereafter use finish nails and nail guns for nailing the drawer fronts into the place.

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