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When You Are Injured on the Job

If you are hurt at work it can be devastating, physically and emotionally. And of course, it also places stress on your family and your bank account. But if you are injured on the job it is important not to panic.

Get Help

Your first instinct may be to get legal help, such as employment law Dunn NC. However, your first step should be, after you get the necessary medical treatment of course, to tell your supervisor right away that you have been injured. Some states may even require that you notify your supervisor in writing. And when you do go to the doctor, make sure you tell them how your injury happened and that it happened at work.

Get Information From Witnesses

Talk to anyone who saw the accident. Do this as soon as you can so that their memories of the accident are fresh. You may even ask them to write down what happened.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

A workman’s compensation claim is simply a request for benefits. Your employer should have the correct forms for you to fill out to file a claim. If not, contact your state’s Worker’s Compensation Office.

Employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, and if your employer says they do not you should contact a lawyer or your state’s worker’s compensation office as soon as possible. Another important thing to remember is to keep copies of everything, such as medical reports and claim forms.

Know What You Are Signing

Don’t sign anything until you are sure you understand what you are signing! If you are unclear about any type of settlement offered or what you are agreeing to, you should consult a lawyer.

If you are hurt at work, it is important to follow the right steps so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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