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Gotham season 6: Everything we know so far

The premiere of the fifth season of Gotham is still fresh in our memory, Netflix has brought this last installment on May 13, 2020, but many of us are not satisfied and we want to know if there will be Gotham season 6.

In this post, we bring you all the details about this fifth part, what you should know if you have not seen it yet, and the details about whether there will be a possible Gotham season 6.

Let’s talk about Gotham

Based on the DC Batman comics, Gotham tells the story of Bruce Wayne and James Gordon during their teenage years, when they were just becoming what they will be in the future.

The story begins by recounting the events that Gordon experienced during his early days at the Gotham Police Department. In addition, we will have the opportunity to see in this series the “birth” of some famous villains from the world of Batman such as Poison Ivy, The Mad Hatter, Catwoman, and the famous Jocker, among many others.

Gotham series was produced by FOX and its first broadcast was on September 22, 2014. Unfortunately, and despite the waiting of many fans, the series did not have the reception that was expected, obtaining one of the lowest broadcasts of the television channel.

However, the series survived long enough to make it to the fifth season, but the question is … Will there be Gotham season 6?

Release date, Will there be Gotham season 6?Gotham season 6

The news is sad: Unfortunately, there will be no Gotham season 6. The news is not new, during the confirmation of Gotham season 5 the FOX network would announce that this would be the last season of the series.

At the end of Gotham season, 5 many sources like Deadline would have insisted that there would be a season 6 for Gotham. However, the season 5 finale ended cleanly and definitively, leaving no trace for a sixth.

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What then follows Gotham season 6?

Despite the success of season 5 and the fact that Gotham season 6 turned out to be a nonexistent hope, there is good news for fans!

A new series linked to Gotham was released and it is the story of nothing more and nothing less than Alfred, the largest dome of Batman. This sequel that will be called Pennyworth seeks to show the steps of this character and his growth as Batman’s right hand.

Pennyworth premiered on July 28, 2019, and is available for viewing on Warner Bros.

Would a continuation of Gotham season 6 be possible?

As we mentioned earlier, the season 5 finale was very accurate and we see no way there could be a continuation behind it.

The end of Gotham season 5 lets us see the closure of many characters. Starting with Jim Gordon, a character that evolves towards his law character as the officer we all know whose function is to invoke Batman through the Bat-signal.

In addition, we also see the expected transition of the character of Bruce Wayne becoming the famous hero of Gotham: Batman. During the Gotham season 5 finale, fans can appreciate a new city after a 10-year time jump where the legendary story’s origins culminate without giving way to any new theory.

Without a doubt, the end of this fifth season was carried out thinking of giving a culmination to the series without room for the existence of Gotham season 6.

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Could there be a continuation with Batman after the end of Gotham?

The answer is yes. However, what many fans have not understood is that Gotham is actually a series that is based more on the James Gordon story. And it is that from the beginning it can be seen that the development of the plot revolves around this character, his beginnings, growth, and what he finally became.

Therefore, a new installment of Gotham season 6 with Batman fighting crime would be totally out of place for the series. It is known that Batman has played a very important role in the course of this series and the growth of Jim Gordon; And although the path of the Dark Knight in Gotham is just beginning, the detective’s story has come to an end.

So that there could be a sequel to Batman, it could. But it would be one in a completely independent new series. With a new beginning and a narrative line different from what we think Gotham season 6 could be, focused mainly on this legendary character.

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Gotham: Who was part of the cast?Gotham season 6

Gotham was characterized by having a cast of renowned and veteran premieres that made this original DC story shine even more. And although we cannot see them for season 6 of Gotham, we leave you below a list of the actors and actresses with their respective characters.

  • Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon
  • Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock
  • David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne
  • Zabryna Guevara as Sarah Essen
  • Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (the penguin)
  • Erin Richards as Barbara Kean
  • Camren Bicondova as Serena Kyle (Catwoman)
  • Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygman (Riddler)
  • Victoria Cartagena as Renée Montoya
  • Andrew Stewart-Jones as Crispus Allen
  • John Doman as Carmine Falcone
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney
  • Morena Baccarin as Leslie “Lee” Thompkins
  • James Frain as Theo Galavan (Azrael)
  • Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan
  • Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska (jocker)

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