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Top Easily-Forgotten Costs To Account for in Your Budget

Drafting your business’s budget for the upcoming year is a complicated process. You need to factor in your employees’ wages, changes to your product line, and increased rent to ensure that you still make a profit. As you balance different expenses, don’t forget to account for these behind-the-scenes bills.

HVAC Maintenance

You rely on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to keep your workplace comfortable and safe. Unless you invest in regular HVAC maintenance, you risk having to work without heat at subzero temperatures or without AC at over 100 degrees. Make sure to leave room in your budget for inspections of your HVAC air filter housing and other elements of this crucial system.

Licenses and Permits

Almost every industry requires you to have certain permits or licenses to stay operational. For example, if you run a liquor store, you need a license from your county giving you permission to sell alcohol. If you have an elevator, it must be regularly inspected and certified. Some of these certifications cost money, but you can’t afford the fines that come with operating without them. As you draft your budget, check which licenses are expiring and set aside enough money to cover their renewal.


Insuring your company is a critical task for every business owner. That way, if a natural disaster strikes or you’re robbed, you don’t go out of business. Depending on your company’s nature, you could have auto, property, and equipment insurance, as well as healthcare plans for you and your employees. Leaving room for all your copays in your budget is essential to retaining your coverage.

Making your budget is a long process, and you need help from your accounting team to make sure that you cover every expense. Check for these easily-forgotten costs before completing your final version.

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