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Bronze color and Copper ornaments to highlight your decoration

Bronze has become the new jewel of interior design. Metallic and industrial-style tones have always been symbols of elegance. The bronze color is from the metallic alloy between copper and tin. For this reason, we often confuse it with the copper color. The difference is that the latter has a much more reddish finish, while the bronze has a more orange hue. Discover with us what is the charm of bronze and how you can integrate it at home. On the other hand, Copper ornaments are a prominent element in any type of decoration. They are more than good in rustic, industrial, or Nordic styles and both in the kitchen and in the living room, bedroom, or dining room.

More bronze and more light

Metallic materials such as gold, silver, copper, and bronze are responsible for giving spaces much more light in decoration. These small and subtle touches allow us to achieve a few notes of luminosity within a more sober space without breaking the harmony of the style we have. The bronze color has an orange finish so any room will instantly look good on you.

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Accessories, furniture, and more in bronze color

Accessories are pieces that help add the finishing touch to any room. In the bathroom, for example, the accessories are what make the difference. Bronze-colored accessories in a bathroom are one of the options that we like the most because of the light it gives but above all, because of its elegance. You can add soap dispensers, shelves, and much more.

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Another space where the bronze color fits the most is in the living room. Bronze combines very well, for example, with wooden elements. Mix a side table with a wooden base with bronze-colored legs, and you’ll see what a more elegant touch it gives to the living room. Add some accessories to the table such as trays or a figure in bronze.

In addition to furniture, you can also add other bronze-colored accessories in the living room such as candle holders, candles, lamps, paintings, and even mirrors. Mirrors are one of our favorite accessories when it comes to the color bronze. It gives a vintage air to the perfect living room. You can choose both round and rectangular, and in all sizes.

Our advice:

add several mirrors on the wall just behind the sofa and form a mosaic. You can combine different finishes and shapes of the mirrors. It will give an original touch to the wall and you will not have to go to the typical paintings.

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Copper ornaments to highlight your decoration

If you want to give your environments a more than original effect, we recommend that you add some copper decorations. In this way, the decoration will be outstanding, modern, and fabulous.

In the following article, we give you some tips so you can take advantage of the trend of decorating with this tone and how to combine it with other colors. Do not miss it!

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Why choose copper ornaments?

If you are wondering what copper ornaments have that more and more people decide to add to their decoration, the answer is not short at all. To begin with, because it is a malleable and durable material.

It also prevents the spread and accumulation of bacteria, it is natural and blends perfectly in any environment.

More and more people are choosing copper to decorate and not just using metal things. There are also those who choose to paint or even wallpaper different household objects with this color.

new trend because they give a modern touch to environments and because they offer a wide range of shades

it is not strange that in addition to objects, we also find furniture and fabrics in these colors

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In turn, it is one of the tones par excellence in rustic environments, especially in kitchens with saucepans and utensils of this color. Surely at your parents’ or grandparents’ house, you can find several bronze objects and give them a new life.

And we must not leave aside the Nordic style either, which looks very good with copper

Tips and ideas for decorating with copper ornaments

Now that you know all the advantages of decorating with copper objects and ornaments, the next step is to choose how to use them in your home, office, business, etc. Some ideas that can help you:

1. Pipes

Today’s decorating magazines show something totally different: exposed pipes!

You don’t have to break a wall to discover them or anything like that, but if you’re building or renovating an environment, take advantage of this trend.

Or you can even buy old copper pipes and use them as coat racks, bookcases, bookcases, or clothes hangers in the room. If you like the industrial style, you will love this idea.

2. Copper lamps

This season, copper lamps are one of the stars and there are designs for all tastes. Best of all, they adapt to any decoration and environment, since they look great in the kitchen, in the living room, in the dining room, in the bedroom, or on the balcony. Where you want!

‘open’ models where you can see the bulb and even lamps for the bedside table or desk

3. Copper ornaments

In stores dedicated to decoration, there are endless copper objects and ornaments. You will see them easily because they are quite eye-catching. You can buy from a mirror to a vase, from kitchen utensils to candle holders.

As you can see, bronze ornaments are here to stay. So if you like the color and how it would look in your house, don’t hesitate to use them.

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