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12 natural remedies to relieve sore throat

Relieving sore throat can take only a few days, but still remains awkward! However, before you run to the pharmacy, know that there are several natural alternatives to relieve sore throats inflammation that has been proven over the centuries.

Here are 12 tips to relieve a sore throat:

1. Lemon juicerelieve sore throat

Relieve your sore throats by mixing lemon juice with lukewarm water, half and half, and make gargles several times a day. It’s a bit acidic, but that’s where the astringent and antiseptic effect comes from. If you do not have (or more) lemon, you can also use salt or baking soda, or apple cider vinegar.

2. Honeyrelieve sore throat

A tablespoon of honey heals a sore throat instantly, as well as the throaty sensation that stings. But do not overdo it! Take honey before you sleep, to help you sleep without being disturbed by uncomfortable coughing fits.

3. Thymerelieve sore throat

Taken in infusion, thyme is renowned for respiratory problems in general, including coughs and sore throats. It is also possible to opt for the essential oil of thyme: 2-3 drops on a cube of sugar that is allowed to slowly melt in the mouth.

4. Lavenderrelieve sore throat

Also taken as an infusion, lavender greatly relieves sore throats. However, unlike thyme, it is best not to consume its essential oil.

5. Inhalationsrelieve sore throat

Boil some water, place it in a large bowl, and breathe above, head in a towel, adding a few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender essential oil. Goodbye, sore throat!

6. Echinacearelieve sore throat

It is no longer the reputation of this plant with many antiviral and antibacterial properties that is a real elixir to relieve a sore throat.

7. Waterrelieve sore throat

It is good, to cure your sore throat, to stay very hydrated and thus, to drink a lot of water! And if in addition, it is very hot (infusions), the benefits will be even better.

8. Moist airrelieve sore throat

Do not overheat the house, especially the rooms at night, and keep the air moist, because too dry air accentuates the irritation. For this, you can use a humidifier, or simply put a bowl of water near the furnace. As it evaporates, the water will create a wetter atmosphere and help relieve a sore throat.

9. Garlicrelieve sore throat

Do not panic, you stay at home, so your breath will not disturb anyone! Garlic is known for its antiseptic properties. Do not skimp on the amount, and add it at will in your hot chicken broths and other recipes to quickly cure your sore throat.

10. Restrelieve sore throat

As with any illness, it’s important to stay warm and rest as much as possible to allow your body to use all its resources to heal your sore throat and chase away the bad germs.

11. Ice lollypopsrelieve sore throat

The cold calms inflammation and thus relieves sore throats. To increase the benefits, make your own homemade lollipop lollipops.

12. Olive oilrelieve sore throat

It may not be very inviting, but a spoon of good olive oil swallowed before bedtime soothes irritation and keeps a sore throat away for a long time (long enough for you to fall asleep).

There are also other plants known to help treat sore throats: marshmallow root, sage, horehound, slippery elm bark, white broth, calendula, rosemary … In infusion or gargle, they are all supposed to calm irritation and sore throat.

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