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The best alternatives to Aptoide in 2018

Learn about the best Aptoide alternative apps stores where you can find free apps for your Android smartphone or tablet, or that are not in the Google Play Store

In recent years, the term ‘free2play’ has become popular in both applications and games for mobile phones and tablets. It is the response of the industry to the refusal of society to pay for an application. But that nevertheless is happy to pay to unlock certain functions or get advantages in a game. We are used to getting everything we need for free so we put the cry in the sky and even outrage with cases like Super Mario Run, which went on sale for € 9.99.

However, there are still apps and payment games that in some cases also include in-app payments. It is for this reason that alternative application stores emerged as Aptoide, the best known today. If for some reason you do not want or cannot install this alternative market, in this article we are going to show you some of the best options you can find.

Life beyond Aptoide: the best alternative markets to the Play Store


One of the great advantages of Android over the competition is the freedom it offers the user. However, Google does not like that we are excessively free. So the apps that are published in the Play Store have to meet certain criteria imposed. Therefore, in the following stores you will not only be able to find paid applications but also apps that Google does not allow in your store and developers have had to find another way to distribute them.

Blackmart, the free black market for appsAptoide

Almost 300,000 applications can be found in Blackmart, each and every one of them free (yes, including that game that you have so much interest in trying, but for which you have no intention of leaving € 4.99). In addition, not only will we find free payment apps, but there are also many other applications that Google does not allow in your store, such as those that offer adult content for over 18 years. Obviously, we recommend you to be careful as it could be the case that an app contains a virus. It is one of the best alternatives to Aptoide.

TutuApp, a great alternative to the Play StoreAptoide

One of the problems of unofficial app stores is that they often lack the feedback of users. You do not find opinions or number of downloads or anything that can help you see if that app is really what it claims to be or if it does its job well. In the case of TutuApp, we have to take our hats off by offering not only a great application with a very careful design, where applications and games are very well categorized but also the community of users is quite active.

In TutuApp we can download both free apps that are in the Play Store as paid apps without having to go through the box, as well as modified applications to unlock features such as WhatsApp ++ or Spotify + +. Although from the TutuApp website they guarantee the security of the applications, we recommend you to be cautious. Continue reading- Tips to stand out in Pinterest you must try

Mobogenie, to download music as well as appsAptoide

Like the rest of Aptoide’s alternative stores, it allows us to download free apps and games. Perhaps it is an interface that even overwhelms the excess information it offers. But you will have no problem finding, for example, Minecraft or Super Mario Run to download without paying anything.

As an interesting extra feature, it offers the possibility to download music or create our own playlists and make Mobogenie our own free Spotify. In addition, we will make recommendations for apps and music based on our downloads and tastes.

SlideME, a store with a large community behindAptoide

A great alternative to the Play Store that also guarantees that the applications we download are safe since every app that is published is reviewed. Thanks to the support also of the more than 2 million users that make up their community. The more than 40,000 applications that SlideME offers are safe and do not contain malware that infects our smartphone. Continue reading- 7 Best new movie site like Putlocker

It is not a store-oriented to facilitate the hacking of applications since we will find paid apps. And you can sign up as a developer to publish your applications and make a profit with its sale. The key of SlideME is to find apps that for different reasons Google does not allow them in their Play Store. It is one of the best alternatives to Aptoide.

F-Droid, the free software storeAptoide

This is a slightly different application store since it does not seek to offer paid applications for free or applications. That cannot be published in the Play Store but focuses on offering open source apps. All the applications that we will find in F-Droid are open source. In addition to downloading the applications and updating them through this store. We can also check the type of open source license available for each app.

The F-Droid team itself is responsible for compiling each of the applications of the store. So that security is more than guaranteed. Being an organization that works on a voluntary basis. You will not find ads or install apps you do not want to take advantage of at your expense. The main drawback of F-Droid is that it has a reduced catalog of applications. And that it does not have ratings, comments from users or number of downloads of each app.

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