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Love marks? See how to remove hickeys in less than 5 minutes

Say goodbye to the hickeys! See 4 efficient remedies to eliminate the famous “love marches”. We Share the tips how to remove hickeys in less than 5 minutes.

It may be fun to make a hickey, also known pacifier. But it is not so much if you do it to yourself. The hickeys are somewhat embarrassing red spots on the skin, usually in the neck, product of sucking with the mouth. It is very common among the couple, couples and lovers to leave a hickey as a sign of affection. And in many cases, to “mark territory”. The stronger the skin is sucked or sucked (hence the word hickey). The redder or purple will be the hickey the next day. The hickeys do not hurt and are harmless, at least until the next day your boss, co-workers or your parents want to know what you were doing the night before. Follow these steps to get rid of the hickeys in less than five minutes.how to remove hickeys

Many hickeys are known as love marks, but in reality, it is a kind of confusion that is the result of kissing and sucking too strong skin. Causing a capillary rupture or grouping of blood that makes the skin look red or purple.

According to specialists, a hickey can last more than a week to disappear from your skin, but once cured, there is no mark or scar. However, for many people, you can see these very embarrassing brands and want to hide them with clothes or makeup. Therefore here you will know some home remedies to remove hickeys in less than 5 minutes.

Here the tips how to remove hickeys in less than 5 minutes

Ice:how to remove hickeys

To eliminate the hickeys apply a cold compress or ice with a towel on the mark for about 5 minutes and try to repeat it 3 times. Remember not to apply ice directly to the skin because you can burn yourself. Continue Reading- 5 good reasons to give your child semi-skimmed milk

Aloe verahow to remove hickeys

The power of this remedy lies in aloe, since it alkalizes the pH of the blood and eliminates the marks on the skin, so it is very effective. Do not forget to moisturize the affected area after applying the remedy. it is good to remove hickeys.

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Bananahow to remove hickeys

One of the most effective remedies to remove hickeys is in the banana peel, as it has soothing properties that help to erase those marks of love. You only have to cut a banana and put in contact with the skin for 20 minutes

Minthow to remove hickeys

We all know that mint possesses healing qualities and with applying it to the affected area you can get the blood circulation to reactivate and eliminate the red mark. Remember to use this remedy once a day, because if you do it more often it can irritate the skin.

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