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The best scooters in 2018

2018 will also be a good year for the segment of a two-wheeled best scooters. With important developments in all the displacements. Especially in the 125 cc destined to A1 or the car with more than three years of experience. In addition, some manufacturers such as KYMCO or SYM have already advanced their next steps in this competitive category.

If you are thinking about changing or buying a new scooter in 2018. We recommend that you take a look at our selection. After 2017 in which almost all manufacturers renewed their range of scooter by the arrival of the Euro 4. There were still some models to come out as is the case of the Yamaha X Max 125 and 400. Two of the “premium” candidates to the category of scooter for the car license or for the A1. And scooter for users of the A2 motorcycle license seeking a vehicle for every day and maximum versatility.

We wanted to separate into two articles the best three-wheeled scooter, which you can check in this link, and two-wheeled. They are two independent categories, the first one oriented almost exclusively. For those who do not have a car license and need an agile vehicle. Within the category of motorcycles. We were surprised that the Piaggio group seems to be launching a good number of novelties. Not only focused on its three-wheeled MP3. Especially in the Vespa ranges with its configurations and the smaller displacement, that of the moped.

BMW has also surprised with the arrival of a medium and conventional scooter, not as sophisticated as the C 650 GT or C 600 Sport, such as the C 400 X. Which rounds out its line of motorcycles and scooter access to the German brand.

On the other hand, KYMCO with its concept of two and three wheels, and SYM with the Maxsym TL1 we are ahead of what is cooking in their R & D departments. Honda and Piaggio also have technological innovations with their electric scooters PCX and Vespa Elettrica. Likewise, Honda, I have heard the voice of all those who wanted to drive with the A2 card their fashion scooter, the X ADV and the Integra, with versions adapted to this type of permit.

Aprilia SR 50 Motardbest scooters

Aprilia has renewed its 50 scooters for its two Motard and S versions for 2018. In the case of the SR 50 Motard, the Italian firm wanted to make an aggressive and very compact scooter, with the necessary to move around the city without complications and with only the moped license. It now has a new analog and digital instrument panel and a safety system that automatically disconnects the motor in the event of a fall. It also premieres exhaust, brake calipers and handles and footrests for the passenger that are now retractable. The engine is a two-stroke single cylinder, forced air cooler and with a system that allows passing the Euro 4 regulation with a system that optimizes the power supply even through a carburetor. It still retains a drum brake on the rear axle along with a 220mm front disc. diameter. It is one of the best scooters in 2018.

Aprilia SR 50 Rbest scooters

The Aprilia SR 50 R is another of the great cycles that are renewed in its 2018 edition. Unlike the practical and urban SR Motard, the R is inspired by the most sporty bikes of the Noble brand. In his case, the engine, also two-stroke with the carburetor (also has been adapted to exceed the Euro 4), is cooled by water which serves to not have fallen in performance after intensive use. In the case of the SR 50 R, the brakes are disc on both wheels. The 2018 version releases a new air filter, exhaust covers, decoration and a number carrier. Aprilia was one of the precursor brands of the 50 sportiest scooters.

BMW C 400 Xbest scooters

In 2018, BMW will make the move to the category of the medium scooter with the C 400 X. In this way, the German firm goes one step further in its 100% motorcycles oriented towards. The users of the A2 card and that is completed with the motorbikes of marches the G 310 R (naked) and G 310 GS (trail). BMW has resorted to an avant-garde design and a more conventional solution in its mechanics. The engine is a four-stroke single-cylinder, water cooled and with an automatic centrifugal clutch and belt drive. It has some elements that distinguish it from the competition such as the Flexcase (the hollow of the helmet is larger with the bike raised to the trestle) traction control or the front brake calipers mounted radially. Among the optional equipment highlights that you can order with Connect Ride and 6.5-inch TFT screen. It is one of the best scooters in 2018. Continue reading – The best bikes naked 2017

Daelim Besbi 125best scooters

By 2018 the Daelim Besbi updates its aesthetics without leaving its identity as a retro 125 scooter. It has some details clearly inspired by the Vespa (the traditional ones and the new ones) like the coffin or the non-slip bands on the floor of the scooter. The engine is still four-stroke, cooled by forced air and with a consumption below 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The power it gives is 9 hp. more than enough for the eminently urban use that we will give to the Besbi. It has LED elements in its lighting, but the main projector is still entrusted to a halogen bulb. The 12-inch wheels and the compactness of the whole set will make us move very smoothly through the city.

Daelim S16best scooters

Daelim also seems willing to fight for the top in the segment of the 125 high-wheel scooter with the S16, where the KYMCO Agility City or SYM Symphony. It is a simple scooter with a very competitive price, less than 2,000 euros, very light and manageable. The engine is again new with very low consumption and adapted to the Euro 4 standard. The wheels are 16 inches in front (hence its name) and 14, behind. Within the Daelim S 16, you do not have to look for a very large level of equipment. You are in the segment of the economical scooters. But you do have an instrument panel with fuel level indicator or indicator of the battery status, something that is not usually frequent on motorcycles but that is certainly a very practical fact. It has a hollow for the helmet and a standard rear trunk where you will get an integral helmet. The brakes are disc on both wheels and full braking CBS.

KYMCO C Series two wheelsbest scooters

KYMCO has presented, still in the prototype stage, what will be its next generation of two and three wheel scooters. After the launch of the KYMCO AK 550, now the Taiwanese firm wants to also enter the new segment opened by Honda with the X ADV, the most adventurous and fun scooter. So he has presented the KYMCO C Series of two wheels. Where in addition to its impressive appearance we see some details that could take us to a modular. Or configurable scooter, depending on our needs, and that presumably would have a list of very wide original accessories. It has not yet been specified whether it will carry the two-cylinder engine of the AK 550, a new engine or one of the last-generation single-cylinder engines that propel, for example, the brand’s recent launches. It is one of the best scooters in 2018.

Honda Integra 2018 (Version A2)best scooters

The Honda Integra was launched in 2012 as a completely new model in the motorcycle catalog of the “golden wing”. A scooter motorcycle or a motorcycle with body, the highlight of the Integra is that it took the motor to the center of the scooter, added a sequential change that left behind the automatic centrifugal clutches, and freed the rear train weight suspended from the pulleys of the clutch to adopt a conventional secondary transmission, by chain. The engine is a 745 cc twin cylinder. with sequential and automatic change, driving modes and an automatic system that is able to transmit the force to the rear wheel always in the most smooth and effective way, something that Honda has called “Adaptive Clutch Capacity Control”. This year also has a version adapted for the A2 motorcycle license.

Honda X ADV 2018 (Version A2)best scooters

After the successful launch of the Honda X ADVlast year, the signature of the “golden wing” has released the limited version for the A2 motorcycle license. The Honda X ADV is a scooter focused on an off-road use or more radical tourism based on the Honda Integra. The Honda X ADV has a displacement of 745 ccs. with two cylinders in parallel and water cooling. Among its standard equipment highlights the torque control with two levels of intervention, automatic and sequential change, with several configurations that will adapt the engine to a more sporty, tourist or off-road driving. It has a high load capacity that can be improved with some elements that you will find in the accessories catalog of Honda. It is a rare event in the world of scooters that other brands such as KYMCO have already taken the eye to incorporate a similar model in their catalog of scooters.

Honda PCX Electricbest scooters

Sooner or later all the manufacturers will have to offer electric models in their catalog. Honda has not been left behind and for 2018 has presented two versions of its PCX scooter, one electric and another hybrid that in a first phase will be available only for the Asian market to reach, later, Europe and the rest of the world. Honda has worked on a high-performance motor with state-of-the-art batteries, which can be easily disassembled to be recharged at home or replaced by a fully charged one. The hybrid version will have a second heat engine that will increase the radius of action of this urban scooter. It is one of the best scooters in 2018.

Scarabeo 2018best scooters

The Scarabeo celebrates its first 25 years of existence, a scooter endowed with a characteristic style that at the beginning was Aprilia and then it was endowed with what they now call personal brand. For 2018, it releases two versions of 50 cc. and two times, approved for Euro 4. The history of the Scarabeo goes back to 1993 when Aprilia sought the quintessence of the urban scooter, they wanted to make the best. For this they went to a small 50 cc engine that came from a motocross bike, they made a very light and easy to use chassis and launched this new high-wheel scooter. About 750,000 units have been manufactured, becoming a classic in some European countries. In its 2018 edition, in addition to the modifications in the engine, we see a new front fork, new silencer, and some accessories as a USB power outlet.

Suzuki Burgman 650best scooters

Suzuki has renewed its maxiscooter to adapt it to Euro 4 regulations and has taken the opportunity to review some of its details. The Burgman 650 has almost more of a car than a scooter, given its level of equipment and the sequential change, it was one of the first scooters to carry this differentiating element. The Executive version comes with heated grips and seat and all versions have a load capacity of more than 50 liters, one of the highest in the segment. The motor of the Suzuki Burgman 650 is of two cylinders in parallel and 55 hp of power. It is one of the best scooters in 2018. Continue Reading- Best sports bikes 2017

SYM Maxsym TL1best scooters

After the launch of the KYMCO AK550, SYM could not be left behind in the sports scooter segment. In this way before the Salon of Milan announced the upcoming release of the SYM Maxsym TL1. The first two-cylinder scooter of the Taiwanese firm that will be placed at the flagship of the firm. Displacing the previous Maxsym 600 and 400 single-cylinder engine. The engine of two cylinders in line will remain in the 465 cc, with the axis of balance contrarrotante. And conventional multi-disc clutch in the bath of oil. There are not too many details of what the automatic gearshift system will be like or the driving modes it might have. If you have advanced specifications of the front suspension (inverted fork). Rear with side shock absorber and a highly evolved variable progressivity system. Or disc brakes with four-piston radial calipers on the front axle.

Yamaha X Max 125best scooters

Yamaha 2018, it completed the renewal of its X Max range with the long-term displacement of 125 and 400 cc. The new features of the 125 cc version undergo a thorough overhaul of its four-stroke, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine to adapt it to the measures imposed by the Euro 4. It also launches a LED illumination system that sharpens the design of its front giving a very sporty and modern look. It also comes with a card start system called Smart Key. Which just by getting close to the scooter and pressing the start button and ready to start. In addition to ABS, the Yamaha X Max 125 has traction control, an element that will free us from some scare. When we drive in the wet or start on a white line at a traffic light.

Yamaha X Max 400best scooters

It has also touched the Yamaha X Max 400 a deep renewal for this year 2018 with important developments in its engine of 400 ccs. That has been adapted to the Euro 4 regulation with improvements in the reduction of polluting emissions. And also in its consumption and performance. The first to bring all these improvements was the Yamaha X Max 300. It also launches electronic aids that allow the incorporation of traction control. An element that will prevent us from being frightened, especially when we are in the wet. As has also been added in the 125 and 350 cc versions. The headlights are LED, something that has allowed to make a really aggressive. And the modern design of the front and with much family air with the T Max. Or with the sportiest bikes of the brand of the tuning forks. For performance, load capacity with space for two full-face helmets or equipment. The Yamaha X Max 400 is an interesting option for people living outside the large urban centers.

Vespa Elettricabest scooters

The mythical Vespa continues surfing for time. And trends and it was hoped that soon would present an electric model. That could go on sale in this year 2018. The design of Corradino d’Ascanio of 1946 has come with all of the law well into the 21st century with the Vespa Elettrica. Piaggio was a pioneer in electric scooters with the Zip Bimodal. In her case, it was a hybrid or the Piaggio MP3 hybrid, but her previous experiences have not had continuity. The Vespa Elettrica is expected to be with engines from 2 to 4 kW and a pair of 200 nm. It will have a range of 100 kilometers, which can be extended with an optional battery to 200 km. The Vespa’s recharge time will be less than four hours. The batteries will have a “life expectancy” of about 70,000 kilometers or plus or minus 10 years without any maintenance. It is one of the best scooters in 2018.

Vespa Sei Giornibest scooters

Piaggio is taking pleasure in its special editions. Such as the Vespa Sei Giorniwhich is part of the family of the GTS. Or, what is the same, Vespa large chassis? This special edition pays tribute to the scooters that took the start in the Six Days International of Varese. A race of regularity that took place in 1951 and in which the legendary scooter won six gold medals. On the basis of a Vespa GTS 300, with the four-stroke engine, water-cooled, four valves and 21 hp. Some classic details have been added such as the headlamp located on the front wing. In the style of the Vespa of the first years. The number in black with the number 6, and the green color characteristic of the collection scooter. The instrumentation also pays homage to the past and has a lot of original accessories that can be added. As a 42-liter capacity rear trunk or side fenders. It is a limited edition of 300 units.

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