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Should You Wear Waterproof Jackets for ATV Riding?

When you’re headed off road, you can expect to encounter the elements. Weather can turn quickly, and riders will want to be protected in a sudden rainstorm or drop in temperature. There’s also plenty of moisture to kick up onto your clothes when you’re riding through muddy terrain or crossing streams. That’s why a sturdy, waterproof jacket is an essential part of your gear list when you’re getting ready to ride. ATV jackets offer a wide range of features to keep water at bay, from water-resistant fabrics to breathable, waterproof barriers. 

Why Waterproofing Is Important

ATV riding is a serious outdoor sport. On any given trail, riders are likely to encounter water crossings, muddy pits, loose dirt and other obstacles that will throw gunk onto your clothes. It’s also possible to ride year-round in many areas with the right gear. Proper waterproof ATV jackets keep you warm and dry while you ride, no matter what’s happening with the weather or your surroundings. Like motorcycle jackets, well-made ATV jackets offer an extra layer of protection from bumps and scrapes.

Types of Waterproof Features

There are several ways to make an ATV jacket water-resistant. For a choice that’s fully waterproof, look for an outer shell made out of GoreTex or a similarly waterproof material. Jackets with a rain-guard liner offer a similar level of protection. The best options will be breathable and flexible, allowing you to regulate your temperature and move freely throughout the day. Added features ensure dryness at an even higher level. Extras that up the waterproof factor include sealing zippers, adjustable cuffs and belt loops that hook into your pants and keep kicked-up water from getting under your upper layers. 

Top Picks for Waterproof Jackets

When you’re selecting a jacket, you’ll want to follow some of the same tips you’d find in a men’s motorcycle jacket buying guide. Look for a style and fit that works for you. Jackets with a durable outer shell and features that allow a flexible range of motion are a good choice for ATV riding. Here are a few models that keep water out of your way.

  • Fly Racing Carbon Jacket: Designed to keep riders warm on cold-weather adventures, this jacket is waterproof, windproof and breathable. In addition to the water-shielding outer material, the Carbon jacket comes with features including water-guard zippers, a powder skirt to keep snow out and a waterproof accessory pocket.
  • Arctiva Summit Shell Jacket: A water-repellent coating on the outer shell of this jacket guards you from rain, wind and snow. Adjust the cuff, collar and lower hem to provide extra protection against water or slush that’s kicked up during your ride.
  • Klim Powerxross Jacket: A GoreTex performance shell is the key to this jacket’s waterproof power. The moisture-wicking liner keeps you dry inside the jacket, as well, allowing air to flow while you work up a sweat. 

ATV jackets with waterproof features are a must for riding in varied terrain or wet weather. Turn to a trusted vendor of ATV and motorcycle apparel and accessories to find the best selection from top brands.

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