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Benefits of Biking to Work In NYC

Living in New York City is a dream for many people. However, even for the most enthusiastic residents, it is hard to deny that commuting in the city is less than ideal. The traffic is heavily congested in many parts of the city and the public transit system, despite being ample, is often crowded and unpleasant. Urban bikes may offer a better option for getting to and from work each day.

They’re Inexpensive

It is true that some bikes are not cheap to buy initially. However, they are much cheaper than a car and require relatively little maintenance. Even compared to the MTA, the annual cost of riding a bike is less than paying MTA fares every day or buying a monthly pass each month. The bike should last you several years at least. So, you will be in black quickly.

You’ll Get Some Exercise

Riding a bike is a good way to get a workout. If you aren’t going at top speed, you can ride along comfortably without breaking a sweat while still enjoying a bit of activity. Some bikes such as mens hybrid bikes are ideal for riding to and from work at a relaxed pace. Additionally, if you find yourself running late, you can always go full-tilt. You don’t have that option on a train or in traffic.

Skip the Congestion

Riding a bike in the city isn’t exactly clear sailing. However, it is significantly better than sitting in a car in traffic. While there isn’t exactly traffic on the subway, it can get pretty packed during rush hour. If you value your personal space, a bike is the clear option.

No Parking Required

Perhaps the most significant bane of driving for your commute is the need to park. Both at home and at your work, finding a parking spot in the city can be nightmarish. If your job provides parking, that can solve the issue too. However, that is a luxury that not many have. A bike you can usually chain up to a bike rack or even bring inside. Many commercial buildings have interior space for storing bikes.

More Environmentally Friendly

This isn’t so much a benefit for you as for the world. Riding a bike is much more eco-friendly than driving a car or even riding public transit. While modern trains are very clean, they still cause more emissions than bicycles. You can feel great about leaving less impact. If everyone rode a bike to work, we would have far fewer emissions to deal with (although the bike lanes would need to be widened).

Even electric bikes are relatively environmentally friendly. They use electric power and are quite efficient. That means they also have a small carbon footprint.

Start Biking Today

There are plenty of great reasons to ride a bike to and from work in NYC. Make a change and start enjoying the benefits of cycling this year. Check out some mens or womens bikes and find the right one for you and your commute. You’ll never look back once you get started.

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