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5 False Myths About Cats

When talking about pets, cats have a fundamental role. So much so, that more and more people decide to share their lives with a feline, and therefore the cat is the second most common pet .

However, this wonderful animal is surrounded by myths and false beliefs that have haunted him for a long time throughout history. In this article we will disprove 5 false feline myths, to continue showing that cats are enigmatic but wonderful animals.

1.Cats are very sleepy

5 False Myths About Cats
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In wild conditions, these felines spend most of their time active for two reasons: look for prey to feed and travel the territory in which they live.

At home, however, they have food all the time and the territory they have to travel is very limited. They also have few stimuli to pay attention to so that, by not having to invest a lot of time in their main activities, the house cats “have no other” to sleep or be inactive.

To compensate for this, it is essential to provide an environment rich in stimuli and play with our cat every day; just play a few minutes several times. In this way, not only will he be more active and avoid possible problems of obesity, but we will give him the opportunity to satisfy certain necessary behaviors for him.

2.Black cats give bad luck

5 False Myths About Cats
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It is one of the most unfounded myths, even though it has no scientific basis. Good or bad luck has nothing to do with cats, much less with their color.

In fact, did you know that black cats and black and white cats tend to be more docile? It is not the only requirement, but it is known that these layers are related to a more docile temperament. This is because some genes encode both physical (in this case, hair color) and behavioral characters. A black cat, coming from a docile father and that is properly socialized will be a tremendously docile and affectionate animal.

3.Cats are lonely

5 False Myths About Cats
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It is true that they are not as gregarious as the dog, but it is false that they can not establish social relationships. Unlike its predecessor, the African wild cat, our domestic cats are able to live with other congeners. So much so, that they form colonies in wild conditions when there are sufficient resources. In fact, the size of the colonies depends on the availability of food in the area. The males do tend to be more solitary animals most of the year, but if we socialize and habituate our kitten from small to live with other cats, with people, and with other animals, you can do it without problems, being part of our family.

4.Those bright eyes are evil

5 False Myths About Cats
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Another of the false feline myths that persecuted cats for a long time. The cat’s bright eyes in the dark are nothing more than a magnificent adaptation. Cats are particularly active in the twilight and night hours. To be able to hunt in low light conditions, they have a structure behind the retina called tapetum lucidum, which causes light particles to “bounce” back into the retina to make the most of them. In this way, cats see better than us (and dogs) in low light conditions (in complete darkness they see absolutely nothing, as we all do). What we see shining in the eyes of the cat when there is little light is precisely the tapetum lucidum.

5.They break everything at home

Many people do not decide to have a cat as a companion in case it destroys the furniture, the curtains, the carpets, … based on scratches. However, cats are not “destructive” animals that love to scratch our stuff.


A spider cat for various reasons, such as marking (one of the forms of marking is through scratching, as they produce pheromones in the interdigital glands), lack activity, etc.

To avoid that our cat scratches the furniture of the house, it will be enough to provide one or two scrapers and give him the activity he needs throughout the day, to reduce his frustration and lack of stimulation.

As you see, some of the most widespread myths about cats are totally false. If you are thinking of sharing your life with a feline, worry about knowing what your needs are and what care you need. Find out about their behavior and the needs you must cover to avoid some problems. But, of course, do not make any false myths, since making the decision not to share our life with a cat based on all the hoaxes that exist around you, will deprive us of the opportunity to live with one of the fascinating animals that exist.

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