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Tips for Safe Cycling Amazing Guideline

There are lots of tips you found on the internet about cycling safety but here we have discussed some amazing cycling safety tips that obviously help you. So, let’s start read our article to get some amazing tips and information about cycling.

Finger Rules

Well, you get the idea that some things are bad choices, not paying attention to the bike. Safety is just a bad idea. Here are rules to follow for safer biking.

Number one, the three-finger rule, two fingers above your eyebrows and one under the chin.

If it’s not snug, then it’s just a hat. You can do this yourself. Remember it’s the law wearing a helmet, not putting it on yourself.

Numbers two all the way through six checks to do before you ride and for air B for brakes, C for chain quick for quick release bucked, and it keeps your tire on that’s important.

Then check and pick up and drop your bike. I think fall off. You’re probably good. Number seven, be seen and be heard the law States.

For bike accidents, you can suffer from road rash here is an article how to treat road rash easily.

You have to have a bell or a horn and you need to have a white light in front and red light and the rear, if it flashes all the better, like Rudolf and it’s real.

What number eight-seat height and frame size are important feet on the ground and a few inches between you and the frame.

One Meter Rule

If it doesn’t fit, then return your bike. I guess your seat should be high enough that you have a slight bend in the knee at the bottom pedal position.

You don’t have to ride like this anymore. Number nine, the one-meter rule. By law, a motor vehicle cannot pass a bike on the road without one meter between them.

Keep this in mind. Number 10, signaling, do this or this for right turns. Do this for left turns then do this to stop. There is only a four-second house.

Use a map plan, a route with bike lanes, pads, and side roads. And leave your map at home. Number 12 intersection tips.

Don’t mouse away and don’t be scared. Find a space where you are visible to cars and obey all traffic signals.


Every cyclist should know everyone hates a dirty greasy bike chain but it can be very difficult to clean it up.

All you need to take of this is just two toothbrushes and a rubber band put the rubber band around the two brushes and just paddle backward now that’s a good-looking chain.

A bike tire can be very difficult to remove without any tools all you need is just a spoon the spool will give you enough leverage to remove the bike tire however make sure you remove everything dirty and a glimpse of the bike tire to prevent it from functioning.


If you’re ever uncomfortable, you can always walk on the crosswalk, follow these rules and you’ll be safer, more efficient, responsible, and stylish.

You can keep yourself and others safer. Make the right choices no someone else who can read this to the end, share with them.

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