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Road to Fitness: 3 Workout Habits You Should Fix Now!

Phew! Wipe that sweat and celebrate another workout routine done! Yay, here’s to a healthy lifestyle! Except, your arms are quivering so hard while your legs surrender to that painful muscle cramps. You feel beaten up! Yikes. Perhaps, you’re doing this “road to fitness” wrong.

People often take granted the advice of trainers and physical therapists. However, these bits of advice have a scientific basis. One such advice is taking in supplements that are found effective in aiding our body repair itself. There are many wellness vitamins and minerals, such as those found in websites where you can also order magnesium chelate online.

Here are three workout mistakes and habits you can remedy:

  • You’re not cooling down.

Great! You’ve just lifted that 20 kg dumbbell! Or probably, you’ve just finished a hundred reps of squats. The workout is done, right? Nope! Don’t sit down just yet. You still have some cooling down to do, which is as important as warming up—working out causes everything inside you to elevate, such as your heart rate, body temperature, and even your need for oxygen! If you just suddenly stop, without a proper cool-down, you’re not letting your body adjust and go back to normal at a gradual pace. You may get ill or even lose consciousness! Depending upon the intensity of exercise, walking and stretching for five to 15 minutes are good forms of cool-down exercises.

  • You’re holding your breath.

Hold that side plank! Don’t sink on your shoulders! And most importantly, do not hold your breath! You may think that breathing while planking or even during those crunches just makes everything harder, but it’s quite the opposite! Whenever you hold your breath to get that extra strength from your core, you’re cutting your body’s supply of oxygen, which the muscles need even more during working out. In the long run, this lack of oxygen may cause dizziness, muscle cramping, and worse, injuries!

  • You don’t get enough magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral essential to your body in a lot of ways. It is most known for its critical role in metabolism and normal muscle function. Now, you may not be too unfamiliar with muscle cramps. This happens when your body lacks enough magnesium that counteracts the contracting effect of calcium. In working out, especially your body releases electrolytes like magnesium through sweat. Failure to replace magnesium loss may cause a slower recovery on our muscles.

Through increased digital presence today, you can order magnesium chelate online. Each tablet contains 200mg of elemental magnesium. Because it is attached to an amino acid molecule, it can easily pass through your digestive tract and is highly absorbable. This supplement relieves muscle cramps, spasms, and tension without being too abrasive to your gut. This product also helps maintain cardiovascular health and supports bone development and strength. It also allows for better nerve conduction and neuromuscular function. Lastly, it also helps with the synthesis of proteins in your body!

Take your time and reflect on these mistakes you’ve been making – not doing cool down, holding your breath, and not getting enough magnesium. It’s fine! What matters now is you know better. Hopefully, you don’t forget these the next time you work out! Now, stand up, get back on track, and continue your road to fitness!

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