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If You’re Accused Of Domestic Violence, Don’t Delay In Hiring An Attorney

Regardless of your unique circumstances, any domestic violence charge brings a stigma that can make you feel like you have nowhere to turn. You’re not as alone as you may feel, however. An aggressive criminal attorney can help you defend yourself against the charges and help you get a better outcome at your trial.

Hire an Attorney Who Understands Domestic Violence Cases
While you may feel alone, after a domestic dispute that led to criminal charges being levied against you, the truth is the number of such cases grows year by year. While we typically think of a husband or boyfriend assaulting his wife or girlfriend, the truth is that the male isn’t always the aggressor anymore. There are an increased number of instances in which the man is the victim of domestic violence.

Similarly, it’s not just romantic relationships that are the source of domestic violence cases. This type of assault can occur between siblings, a parent and adult child, close friends or roommates, or any other type of close relationship. Whatever the exact circumstances, an experienced domestic violence defense attorney can help you.

The Nature of Domestic Violence Requires a Special Kind of Defense
Domestic violence cases are different from other types of assault cases for a number of reasons. First, the relationship between the two parties has bearing on each case. It may be the close familial ties that create the friction that leads to a physical dispute or attack. Additionally, a domestic violence conviction may be used against the defendant in the case as ammunition in a child custody battle.

For those reasons, hiring a domestic violence attorney Tampa who also has experience in family law can be the best course of action. An attorney with the expertise in both criminal and family law can address the unique concerns in this type of case. He may have a better chance of getting charges dismissed or obtaining an acquittal at trial. Where those options aren’t possible, he may be able to get you reduced charges or work out a plea agreement that will work favorably for you.

The worst thing you can do is to try to handle the case on your own. An average person just doesn’t have the knowledge of the law or the familiarity with the system to work out a good defense strategy. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can improve your chances of a positive outcome.

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