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Birthday parties for teenagers in 2018

Has your son or daughter grown and is in adolescence? Do you have to organize your birthday party and do not know where to start? Do not worry. We will guide you to know how to organize this type of theme parties for teenagers between 13 and 17 years and feel as if they had devised them.

Follow our tips to know what young people look for in a party for them.

How to organize birthday parties for teenagersparties for teenagers

The first thing you have to do is talk with your son or daughter to raise awareness and that the party is under parties-teenagers-decoration-organization control at all times. Let them control themselves and do not watch too much the preparations for the birthday party, or its development unless there is an emergency.

Let your child decide what kind of themed party he wants to do and how he wants it to develop, but setting a budget so that expenses do not overflow.

Agree on the number of guests that will attend the Birthday partyparties for teenagers

If the party is at home and the guests are approaching the age of majority, talk to your son or daughter about alcoholic beverages. To ban them may be a mistake and they may drink them secretly. It is better to talk about the issue and to make sure that the drink you serve is the one indicated for your age and avoid disappointment.

Let your child choose the music, but if you organize it at home, do not let them carry high-volume equipment because they can end up bothering the neighbors. It is important to parties for teenagers.

If the theme party is at night, remember the time it will end to avoid fights.

Where to organize birthday parties for teenagersparties for teenagers

The birthday parties for teenagers can be organized in your home, both in one of its rooms and in a party-teenagers-house garden. If your son or daughter prefers to take their friends home, you can propose some of the following activities:

-Organize a karaoke.

-Make a pinata with gifts, instead of candies and sweets.

-If you have a lot of space or a ground floor, you can have a pajama party and sleep there.

-Decorate the living room or the garden as if it were a disco, with lights and a mirror ball, so that they feel in an environment that, for sure, they

A themed party of this kind can also be organized away from home. Here are some ideas for parties that party-teens-pub young people usually like :

-Organize a cocktail dinner in a pub

-Enjoy in karts or doing paintball.

-Take them to spend the day at a theme park.

-Organize a meal in an area with open-air, where afterward they can play games.  Continue reading – Love marks? See how to remove hickeys in less than 5 minutes.

How to decorate a birthday party for teenagersparties for teenagers

We must avoid that these birthday parties have any resemblance to children’s birthday parties. The parties-teenagers-decoration teens want to be and feel that adults treat them as older people, so the decoration of the party should be a little more serious and fashionable elements. It is very useful to party for teenagers.

These are some tips that we propose:

-Decorate the walls with photos of your teenage son or daughter. Choose those that you know you like.

-Use a range of colors and that is not as flashy as the party for teenagers.

-Adolescents love being in low light because they feel they are more independent and their privacy is more respected. You can use decorating ideas with fluorescent elements, cloth lamps, candles or LED lamps. You can also place fluorescent tubes that will give the impression of neon lights.

– Can make a photocall like an adult party.

-Placing a drink in glasses of champagne is also a trick that you will love.

-If we have space and means, we can put a screen with a projector and that they go passing photos of the boy or girl who turns years with his friends and family. It will be a big surprise for him or her and her friends. And it is very important for the party for teenagers.

Food for a teen birthday partyparties for teenagers

Another dilemma is what menu the guests of a teen’s birthday party will like. You can opt for the party-teen-menu simple and what seems most like young people: pizza, snacks, hamburgers, kebabs, pasta … and as dessert, little elaborate sweets. It is best for the teen birthday party.

But each time they open more to other types of cuisine and, with some exceptions removed, they will also enjoy more elaborate dishes, so you can make sushi, innovative tapas, crispy vegetables …

You can also opt for a casual dinner with a menu to snack on the basis of tortilla, cheese and ham, potatoes and bocadillos with different fillings.

And for dessert … a lot of chocolate! You can make cupcakes, decorate cookies or make crepes for the teen birthday party.

Drink for a teen birthday partyparties for teenagers

For the drink during the dinner, the ideal ones are the soft drinks with gas, water and, if the adolescent approaches the majority of age, beer party-teen-drink with or without alcohol. It is important for the teen birthday party.

For the after party, you can offer them cocktails with little alcohol like the margarita, San Francisco or piña colada. If you are very young, idea shakes and refreshing fruit juices or non-alcoholic cocktails. Like orangeade with grenadine, Shirley Temple or lemonade. If you decorate them with pieces of fruit or the glasses have fluorescent elements, they will be delighted!

If you’re the cool type of parents, you may even pull some birthday pranks to your teenage kid, the harmless and fun type of course.

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