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Could Bulletproof Coffee Help Your Performance?

We all want to boost our performance, but what’s the best way to do it? Coffee is often the route of choice for people, but is there a way to ‘hack’ it for better results? A lot of coffee fans swear by Bulletproof Coffee, which has come out of the Keto movement and which promises hours of sustained energy and focus without any of the jittery feelings or caffeine crashes that can occur with a regular cup of joe.

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Make Your Own

To make your own Bulletproof coffee, you need MCT oil, which is a pure form of coconut oil high in caprylic acid. Take a tablespoon of this and a tablespoon of butter, and then place it in a high-speed blender jug with your coffee to froth to a creamy coffee. You can also use a stick blender, but make sure you blend it fully to create a frothy top that is similar in finish to a cappuccino. This high-fat drink will get your ketones flowing and avoid any sugar crashes. Don’t add any milk or sugar, but if you do like a bit of sweetness, then try a drop or two of stevia, which is a natural plant-based product that has no impact on your insulin levels.

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Hours of Energy?

Fans of Bulletproof coffee say that it gives them hours of energy without the need for a traditional breakfast. In fact, most substitute their breakfast for the high-fat drink and then have a later meal at around 2pm. This allows for a constricted eating window and a 16-8 fasting pattern if intermittent fasting is also your thing!

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You can also have a second bulletproof coffee at around midday, but don’t drink coffee after 2pm, as it can keep you awake after 10pm and affect your quality of sleep. However, the gains of this amazing drink are well worth trying, and many people become long-term fans of their daily BP coffee!

What are the main hacks that you use to improve your performance at work?


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