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9 Amazing Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

A bright smile not only looks great, it also increases your chances of getting a girlfriend. According to a recent study, 71% of women say they judge men based on their teeth. Translation: Having a bright smile can make you more attractive to women. “A smile can be very exciting, having a white smile is even more exciting,” says Beberly Hills dentist Artrhur Glosman.

In dating, it is not the only place where white teeth play a key role. Kelton Research, an independent research company, found that your smile can ensure the work of your dreams. The results showed that 58% of the participants were more likely to get a job offer and 53% more likely to get a better salary if their teeth were white. A bright smile can make you notice a lot of participants. “Having a bright smile emphasizes personal self-image and leaves a memorable mark on the interview,” says Dr. Glosman. This is why having your teeth taken care of at such a young age is very important, according to a pediatric dentist in Aquia Harbor, VA.

What should we avoid?

9 Amazing Ways to Whiten Your Teeth
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Using Baking Soda: Baking soda can be a great cleanser for your home. But not for your teeth. This chemical component is very abrasive, which means it helps remove stains, but it can also be harmful. In addition, its continued use can lead to loss of enamel, which will make your teeth look darker.

Eating Dark Foods: There are some foods and condiments that can stain your teeth. Avoid marinara sauce, blackberries and soy sauce, these foods have a very dark pigmentation and can cause stains.

Avoid energy drinks: In addition to the drinks we already know those stain teeth, such as coffee tea and red wine, you should stay away from energy drinks. The acid they contain has the same erosion effects as citrus fruits.

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What should we do?

9 Amazing Ways to Whiten Your Teeth
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Boot your old toothbrush: Getting a whiter smile can be as easy as throwing your old toothbrush. According to Dr. Glosman, “Replace your brush every three months, or just notice that most of the bristles begin to fall down.” When this happens your brush does not clean your teeth properly.

Brush your tongue: Brushing your tongue will not only give you better breath. Dr. Glosman says it can prevent stains on the teeth. Your tongue builds up bacteria, which can lead to discoloration. Use a soft toothbrush and brush your tongue very well, rinsing your brush after doing so. This will help remove bacteria from the brush before you deposit them back into your tongue.

Make rinses with apple cider vinegar: It is not as effective as other treatments, but it is a natural and organic way to keep your teeth white. Dr. Glosman recommends mixing two parts of water with one part vinegar and rinse with the solution for at least one minute.

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Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: Eating fruits, vegetables, and other crispy foods is good for your body and your teeth. Dr. Glosman says eating nuts, carrots, apples, and cauliflower can help whiten your teeth by removing surface stains and plaque that leads to cavities.

Uses gel trays instead of tapes: Experts have divided opinions on whitening tapes. It is said that the whitening tapes do not distribute the paste well. The teeth are usually darker at the gum line, where the ribbons cannot reach. Instead, gel trays are indicated.

Rinse with water after eating oranges: Although they are good for getting vitamin C, citrus fruits such as lemons and limes contain acids that erode tooth enamel. This can make teeth stained more easily. The solution? Make sure you rinse your mouth immediately after eating this type of fruit.

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