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Are These the Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Birmingham?

Birmingham provides all the traditional teahouses, classic cafes and conspicuous coffee houses that you could want for your caffeine fix. Even bars and pubs are serving tea and coffee to rival established outlets.

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Here is a guide to some of the coffee shops and cafes Birmingham provides – try these establishments for yourself and see how they rank among the best in the city.


Urban introduced the character of London’s independent café scene to Birmingham, setting a standard that many coffee shops followed. Not only does coffee provide a much needed morning kick, it is proven to be beneficial to our health.

Its two levels of coffee heaven offer a hive of Brummie diversity, from office workers to freelancers, and it’s open 7 days a week. Knowledgeable baristas prepare cups of Joe sourced from Cornwall-based Origin Roasters, as well as alcoholic drinks and weekend bottomless brunches.

6/8 Kafe

6/8 Kafe offers a great atmosphere and unpretentious mood to enjoy your locally sourced, excellent coffee and crafted goods. This café is focused around taking time to enjoy coffee. Try its famous chocolate Guinness cake, reputed to be one of the best in the city.

Their downstairs space offers additional seating and hosts special events, making it a perfect location to start a long weekend in the city. Consider staying at Birmingham Serviced Apartments, such as those at http://birminghamservicedapartments.co.uk/.

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200 Degrees

200 Degrees offers exquisite sandwiches and artisan coffee within the city centre complex, and is renowned for roasting its own unique house blend. A fashionable bistro to enjoy your beans, leather armchairs, high ceilings and dim lighting provide a moody and dark atmosphere.

Faculty Coffee

Caffeine alchemy is provided at this coffee classroom, a café that specialises in providing great coffee and educating customers on their brew. A room with desks replaces traditional sofas, with the focus on coffee variety and ranges of loose leaf teas. Try something different and have some fun with your caffeine.


A Middle Eastern oasis in the hectic cityscape, Damascena is an award-winning establishment providing shawarmas and roast meat along with its coffee.

Cereal Killer

Originating in Shoreditch, this hipster venue has made its debut in Birmingham and offers a quirky, nostalgic haven for cereal lovers and big kids alike.

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