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How to Free Up Space on Gmail

Gmail is one of the most powerful and most popular email services available as it is being used across the world. Gmail includes 15GB of free storage, which is shared automatically with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Photos. In this article, we will be discussing ways to find and delete the emails taking up the large space in your Gmail account.

However, before that, you should confirm the total storage your Gmail account is taking up from the Google One Storage website. But rather than help you find out the best way to free up that space, it instead redirects you to Gmail.

Although you could start by deleting your emails one after the other, that won’t the best course of action for those that have thousands of emails. And most of those emails are tiny, and the space they take up could be as low as 30kb, just like the bookings on new usa online casinos.

In terms of helping their users, Google brought the option to buy more storage to store your old emails forever. But there is a way for you to avoid spending that money on renting a monthly storage space.

Finding and Deleting the Largest Email Messages

Gmail doesn’t display how much space a certain email thread is taking up in storage. However, it allows you to search for threads by size.

To perform this action, use the search space seen atop the mails and search using the “size:” To search for a file over 10MB in size, you can type “size: 10MB” and press Enter.

If you manage to delete over 10 of the email threads that appear, you would have freed 100MB worth of storage space. Now you know what emails need to be deleted to free up space as fast as possible.

To delete an email thread, enter the email and navigate to the Delete icon that takes the form of a trash icon on the toolbar. But if you want to keep certain threads in the email, you can select them using the checkboxes before clicking on the trash icon to delete specific threads at once.

Just like how it is when we delete files from our file explorer on Windows and it goes directly into the Recycle Bin, it is the same on Gmail. Mails deleted from the inbox will move into Gmail’s trash, so you have to delete the mails from there to ensure they are deleted permanently.

If the email proves to be important, you can always forward the mail to yourself before deleting the original along with its attachments, which is the main reason for the large storage space. But if the attachment is important, you can always download them and store them elsewhere before deleting them from your Gmail.

Sorting Your Gmail Messages by Size

Seeking more control over your Gmail account? You should use an IMAP client like the Mozilla Thunderbird, which will show you just how much space each email thread is taking up in your Gmail account. You can also sort by size, which is one of the best ways according to real money pokies.

In this way, you can free up more space in your Gmail account to avoid spending monthly rent to Google for more storage space.

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