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Web Design Trends for Summer 2017

The world of web design never stands still, and every year we see new developments taking shape. If you think back to the early days of the internet, websites were busy and laden with blue link text, flashing colours and tacky music. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since then, and current trends are for sleek and effective designs packed with high-quality content.

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Here are our suggestions for the hottest new web design trends over the coming months.

Candid Photography

According to Forbes, stock photography is no longer acceptable to website viewers. People are attracted to candid images that show real people in real situations.

Content-Led Design

Web content is all-important, so there is a new trend that ensures your website’s core message takes centre stage. Your web developer can ensure that graphic elements, including fonts, colour and images, encourage visitors to make the most of your content. Even the smallest of local businesses can reap the benefits of this trend – you can source great web design in Sheffield, Stratford or Southampton, from companies such as www.dearnevalleywebdesign.co.uk, who specialise in SMEs.

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Asymmetrical Layouts

Symmetry seems to have had its day, and now asymmetrical layouts are gaining in prominence. This trend allows designers free rein to play with page elements without having to adhere to strict standards of conformity and balance.

Elaborate Details

Recently, there has been a trend towards minimalism in website design, with all extraneous detailing removed for a clear and uncluttered look. This summer, however, we can expect to see a reversal of this trend, with elaborate flourishes making their way back on to websites.

Thin Fonts

Apple made waves with the introduction of thin fonts on its iOS7 operating system. Although the company was criticised for these, where Apple leads others follow, and thin fonts are being increasingly used across the internet.

Material Design

Created by Google, Material Design has been around for a few years but is only now gaining in popularity and becoming more widespread. Shadows and edging details are used to draw the eye towards buttons and interactive elements on the page. This is based on pen and paper principles.

360 Video

Expect to see a surge in the use of 360 video over the coming months, as website designers utilise the technology to add extra value for site visitors.

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