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Top Three Most Valuable Franchise in the NBA for 2021

Being one of the most prolific leagues known across the world, NBA has some of the richest sports teams, who are worth billions of dollars, across the globe. There are many factors that determine these valuations. Because of this, we might see fluctuations in the rankings every now and then, as well as the market value.

Coronavirus pandemic played a huge role in the changes for the league across the market. The average gains on team value were reported to be only 4%, which is the smallest since 2010.

Team valuations rely majorly on the factors like team history, brand image, operating income and investments. In this article, we will be listing out three most valuable teams known in the NBA for 2021, brought to you by online casino.

Los Angeles Lakers (Value: $4.6 Billion, Operating income: $155 Million)

The Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship for the first time in 10 years, to level with the Boston Celtics. In their championship-winning campaign, their rich history and popularity across the world played a huge role in their valuation and morale. Thanks to that campaign, the Lakers were considered a favourite for this year’s championship, but they were unable to build with that momentum. Regardless, the Lakers’ market value witnessed a 6% growth from 2020, according to Forbes. The Lakers are currently owned by Jerry Buss Family Trust and Philip Anschutz.

Golden State Warriors (Value: $4.7 Billion, Operating Income: $200 Million)

The Golden State Warriors are the first team to end LA Lakers and New York Knicks partnership dominance at the top of the rankings, after the 1999 Chicago Bulls. Having made huge investments into the team, the Warriors move to the top of the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. The Warriors operating income of $200 million is the highest among every other team in the NBA, and it is also a record, with real money casinos being aware of it.

Even with the worst record, they registered in the NBA last season, the Warriors were still able to earn $474 million in revenue with just 34 home games played. Chase Center, which is worth $1 billion, has also played a huge role in accumulating its value, seeing a 9% increase from last year. The franchise is popularly owned by Peter Guber and Joe Lacob.

New York Knicks (Value: $5 Billion, Operating Income: $178 Million)

This will be the sixth consecutive year the New York Knicks dominated the top of this list as the most valuable team in the NBA. With the exception of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys, the Knicks are the only sports team to achieve this feat. Despite losing 70% of their games in the last six campaigns, they were still able to stay at the top for six years.

The New York Knicks lost 45 of their 66 games in the 2019/20 NBA campaign, and was left out of NBA’s summer Orlando Bubble, yet, they were still able to register a revenue of $421 million and operating income of $178 million. The franchise is owned by Madison Square Garden Sports Company.

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