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Four reasons to pick ProtonMail over Gmail and others

The most popular email services known across the world belongs to either Google, Microsoft or Apple. People have been relying on these big companies for their free email, which is supposedly fast. However, if you want to try out something new, something out of the tech giants. The best option is the ProtonMail, which is being used by users of best usa real money online casinos.

Many people rely on big companies for their email services, but some use ProtonMail and they believe that while it hasn’t gained much popularity, it also has its advantages over the popular ones.

Fast & Free

ProtonMail has a free tier, and users will get their messages quickly with no hassle. The interface involved is quite fleek and simple, it can be said to be more basic than the apps provided by its giant rivals. There is a lot of focus on where it should be: your inbox.

ProtonMail can make money off the subscribing users. There is a premium subscription that offers more storage and features like attaching multiple addresses to one account. Even without the subscription, the free tier is perfect for those that are not looking to many years’ worth of emails on ProtonMail.

Private and Anonymous

People are always worried about how secure their mails and in this section, ProtonMail is not lacking as they have end-to-end encryption as one of the key features along with a zero-access setup, which ensures that even ProtonMail won’t be able to spy on your messages. The code and cryptography of the email service were built on open source and it is available for all to see, to confirm to the public that there are no hidden doors.

When signing up for ProtonMail, users don’t need to provide personal details; they don’t keep IP logs of your account access. You can always set an expiration date for the email messages you send.

Independent and Neutral

Unlike Google which offers targeted ads to you based on the contents of your email, ProtonMail won’t bring ads to your doorstep. And unlike Apple, which intends to make sure you never buy a device or service offered by a different company, ProtonMail is neutral. You won’t be pushed to use a particular browser or smart assistant while you’re checking your mails. They offer you the chance to check your mail with no distractions.

Available on all Devices

It is available on any device. For desktops and laptops, you can use the webmail client, while there are apps available for iOS and Android. For third-party clients, IMAP and SMTP support will be used for the desktop, but the user needs to be a paying user before this function can be used, just as crazyvegas.com is paying for the service.

Including more security, ProtonMail gave users the option to protect the app with biometric security on mobile, so even if your phone was opened by someone else they won’t be able to access your emails.

Many features are offered by ProtonMail, but let’s stop here for now.

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