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Best Gmail features you have no idea of

Google Mail, best known as Gmail, is one of the most popular and powerful email services known, and there are several reasons why that is. It comes with many features that are easy to unravel. So, in this article, we will be looking at the few features you might have missed out on, brought to you by usa casinos.

Confirm Actions on Mobile

When you’re looking into your emails from your mobile phones, you can easily tap the wrong place an accidentally send a reply to an email before you’re ready or delete the wrong mail. You don’t have to worry about that any more as you can make the app ask for confirmation before a certain action.

This can be done in the mobile Gmail app by heading to Settings > General Settings > Action Confirmations, there you can find the settings to confirm before archiving, deleting, or sending emails. Select the ones you want a wish, and from then on Gmail will have to confirm before any certain action you enabled.

Unread Message Icon

If you’re the type to leave your Gmail tab open all through the day, there is a good way to know whenever you got a new email. Move to Settings > See All Settings > Advanced and Enable “Unread message icon.” This will then automatically update the icon in your Gmail tab with a number to indicate the numbers of unread emails you have. And if you get a new email, the number will update. This will let be up to date on your emails, without having to change the tab to Gmail every time.

Change Undo Send Time Limit

Gmail always wait for five seconds after you tap the Send button to send your email. This usually allows the users a moment to if the mail was composed correctly or if they forgot to attach a file before recalling the email.

But five seconds might not be enough to let you completely realize your mistake. So, to make stretch the five seconds, move to Settings > See All Settings > Undo Send, where you can extend that time limit to 30 seconds. This might not seem to be much, but it is still significant.

Enabling Multiple Stars

Probably everyone has used Gmail’s stars to mark an email they want to pick out later. But not everybody knows that Gmail has several stars that can be used to mark those emails. To do this, head to Settings > See All Settings > Stars. There, you will find different colours of stars and icons you can use for marking your mails. You can drag the ones you prefer from “Not in use” to “In use,” to mark your mails from jeux machine a sous.

You should head into the See All Settings on your Gmail account to explore every single feature of the popular mail, customize it to your best taste.

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