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Asymmetrical bob haircuts: ideal for lengthening the face

Bob cuts dominate the taste of women who keep the look fashionable and trendy. There are several variations, some longer, others shorter and others more daring that is called Asymmetrical bob haircuts, ideal for the riskiest women who want a fresh, cool and totally casual look.

There are certain asymmetric cuts that go ideal with women who seek to lengthen the face and we leave you 5 alternatives below.

Asymmetrical bob haircuts with bangsAsymmetrical bob haircuts

When you have a haircut as particular as asymmetrical, sometimes you doubt adding another visual element to your style. However, a fringe is the perfect complement to your look and rest assured that your trusted stylist will bring the necessary balance to the final appearance.

Asymmetrical Graduated BobAsymmetrical bob haircuts

This bob offers the same movement with a little less hair. This look is perfect for people who want their haircut not only to be fashionable but also to be low maintenance. It is one of the best asymmetrical bob haircuts.

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Stacked bobAsymmetrical bob haircuts

stacked bob haircuts. The inner layers must be longer so that they reach the jawline. At the same time, the outer layers must be considerably shorter. As a consequence, it will add volume and depth to your hair.

Bob angleAsymmetrical bob haircuts

Sophisticated and elegant at the same time, this is the bob that has it all. Short hair combined with longer strands, side bangs and open back of the neck. It is one of the best asymmetrical bob haircuts.

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