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They still believe them: the 10 most crazy urban legend in pop history

They were so powerful that some opened television news. Welcome to the fantastic world of musical conspiracy. We share the 10 most crazy urban legend in pop history.

The Beatles are more famous than Jesus Christ.” When John Lennon pronounced this phrase back in 1966. He mounted a good scandal. But I was not misguided. In recent decades, pop has become a kind of religion. And musical stars, pagan gods whose paradise is not on the clouds. But on the other side of the screen. It is logical, then, that, like any religion, pop generates myths and legends.

The urban legend

The psychologist Bernardo Guerin, author of the book Rumors, urban gossip and legends: a theory of social contingency , argues that this type of legends are born from word of mouth: “Something that a friend or relative has told you, or that you have read in some site and it is difficult to verify, especially if it has happened to a famous person, whose scope is impossible to access “. Thus, each person who tells another an urban legend usually provides details of their harvest to give plausibility to the story, which makes the story grow and be enriched progressively, like an unstoppable snowball.

Héctor Sánchez, author of Paul is dead and other urban rock legends, says: “The wild nature of rock makes this music a land prone to urban legend. In addition, if we associate the topic of sex and drugs, it is a combination that works at the same time “.

Next, we will review a handful of urban legend, almost all quite scabrous, starring famous groups and pop artists. And in passing, we see if these stories are real.

There is the 10 most crazy urban legend in pop history

1. Kiss singer grafted a cow tongueurban legend

The legend. Kiss has always been a most bizarre band. Its members are famous for their excessive facial makeup, platform boots and leather and silver suits. It is not strange, then, that they are ideal characters for fantastic stories. The funniest perhaps is the one that assured that the immense language of the band’s singer and bass player, Gene Simmons, was taken from a cow and grafted to him.

The truth. As he tells in his autobiography, Simmons has a large language that “has been very useful in my sexual relationships.” A language that teaches in the concerts of the group, at the time that bites a capsule that makes sprout a liquid very similar to the blood. But Simmons himself has clarified that nothing of grafts: “I was born with that immense language”. In other words: the bovine language was undoubtedly the result of the imagination of its fans.

2. Michael Jackson dropped his noseurban legend

The legend. In 2001, in the course of a television performance, the pituitary of Michael Jackson broke off and fell to the ground, due to the infinity of operations that had been submitted. When the program was broadcast, they cut off the moment the nose fell and the spectators could not see it. But, thanks to the tip-off of an indiscreet camera, the whole planet knew the truth: that Jackson did not have a nose and that, to cover the hole, he used a removable nasal prosthesis.

The truth

The legend of the lost nose grew so much that when Jackson died, in 2009, a new hoax related to the latter jumped into the media: when performing the autopsy, in the center of the singer’s face the nose was missing and there was only one hole. However, one of Jackson’s surgeons told a newspaper that the singer’s nose was solid as a stone: “He never ran the risk of suffering a structural failure, because we have not used silicone, only one-ear cartilage.” A phrase that, on the other hand, could also be an urban legend.

3. The members of La Oreja de Van Gogh are pro-ETA members

The legend

The year 2001. The Donostiarra group La Oreja de Van Gogh is in full promotion of El Viaje de Copperpot, its most successful album. Pedro Ruíz invites them to La Noche abierta, the program that he had at the time in La 2. During the interview, the presenter asks Amaia Montero and company if it is true that they donate half of their income to a pro-abertzale NGO. They corroborate it and add with naturalness: “Yes, it is that in this group we are all pro-ETA”. Upon hearing this, the presenter ejects the group from the set.

The truth

We are talking about a bully so fat that was commented on the very newscast. And that was denied in his day by Pedro Ruíz, who dismissed the urban legend of “evil invention of an unworthy, unfortunate, liar, false and vile.” And he clarified that La Oreja had only sung on the show. For its part, the group said: “It was sad to see the helplessness you have in front of nonsense spread over the Internet that many believe blindly.” At present, there are still virtual forums in which the subject is discussed, seasoned with generous extra contributions: it has been said that La Oreja used ETA zulo as a recording studio.

4. The singer with fluid indigestion

The legend

There is an urban legend so long and universal that they are mutating as they pass from person to person, to the point of being attributed to different artists. It is the case of one who says that after an orgiastic party, a musician was taken to the emergency room for indigestion. In the hospital, the doctors proceeded to perform a stomach lavage, and they even extracted up to three liters of semen.

The truth

The best test to dismantle this hoax is the fact that, according to who tells you, the artist changes. Initially, the legend was attributed to Freddy Mercury, then to Elton John and then to very different protagonists, both homosexuals, and heterosexuals: Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Jimmy Sommerville, Billy Idol, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and a long etcetera. In recent times, the new generations have told the same anecdote with more modern and female artists, such as Britney Spears or Alanis Morissette. But the reality is this: there is no record that any famous was taken to the emergency room in such circumstances. Continue reading- Remy Ma Net Worth – Biography, Family, Prizes and Achievements

5. Elvis is alive, I’ve seen himurban legend

The legend

On August 16, 1977, while the whole world mourns the death of Elvis Presley. He packs his bags and goes to the airport. There are several witnesses who claim to have seen the King of Rock two hours after his death. Buying a plane ticket to Buenos Aires. As they say, the singer paid in cash and said he was called John Burrows. An alias that he had already used on other occasions. The explanation to such a furtive escape? Elvis was tired of fame and decided to simulate his own death to travel the world incognito.

The truth

The death of Elvis Presley was verified by the doctors of the Baptist Memorial Hospital and today his remains are buried in Graceland, his mansion in Memphis. For now, nobody has provided irrefutable evidence that this is not true. The hoax that says he is alive is part of the fact that many of his fans refuse to accept the death of his idol, to the point of believing he has seen him swarming through spaces as disparate as a Cambridge supermarket, a Montana gas station, a Pizza Hut of Southampton or an office in Oslo.

6. Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobainurban legend

The legend

In 1994, Kurt Cobain was so fed up with the infidelities of Courtney Love that he wanted to divorce her. When Courtney found out, she got into a rage and decided to kill him in a way that looked like suicide. This would allow him to keep the millionaire inheritance of the singer since their daughter was still a minor. This theory is defended with nails and teeth in several books, and also in the controversial documentary Who shot Kurt Cobain? (nineteen ninety-five).

The truth

The autopsy made it clear that “everything indicates that it is a self-inflicted injury.” A month earlier, Kurt had already tried to commit suicide by swallowing 60 pills of Rohypnol washed down with champagne. To make matters worse, Cobain intended to title his latest album I hate myself and I want to die. Probably the legend was spread by the most ultras followers of Cobain, who hate Courtney: they call it “the Yoko Ono of grunge”.

7. Ricky Martin, a fan, a dog, and a jam jar

The legend

One morning in 1999, Spain remarks the embarrassing incident seen last night in the program Surprise, surprise, presented by Concha Velasco. They were broadcasting a surprise live to a young follower of Ricky Martin, whose dog is named Martin in honor of his idol. The singer was hiding in the girl’s closet, waiting for the time when the hostess gave him a way out. And when the time came, the cameras and Ricky entered the scene and found the teenager naked, smeared with jam and with the puppy practicing a cunnilingus. He was also an urban legend.

The truth

The scandal was so loud that it reached the media, and the Office of the Children’s Prosecutor was forced to open an investigation. So Concha Velasco had to start the following program by denying the facts: “It’s a hoax. Everything is a lie, here he laughs or cries, but always with joy. ” But the weight of the legend was stronger than reality, and has remained so alive over the years that, in 2015, on the anniversary of Antena 3, Concha Velasco had to insist: “It’s incredible that there are still people talking about it as if it had happened or as if I had seen it. Nobody saw it because it did not happen. ”

8. Hotel California’, by the Eagles, is a satanic songurban legend

The legend

In 1966, Anton Lavey created The Church of Satan. And in 1976 he commissioned a song from the Eagles group to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his satanist congregation. The song is called Hotel California, and its lyrics describe a black mass with cryptic metaphors. The Hotel California would be an allegory of hell, a place that, as the theme says, is “adorable” and has “a lot of space”. There are fans who, with a magnifying glass the cover of the homonymous disc that includes the piece. Assure that in one of the windows of the hotel the figure of Anton Lavey can be distinguished.

The truth

According to the members of the group, Lavey does not appear anywhere in the photo. As for the song, Don Henley, who wrote it, has explained that it only tries to reflect the decadent climate of the Los Angeles rock scene at a time when drugs like cocaine were omnipresent.

9. Marilyn Manson took off two ribs, one eye, and the penisurban legend

The legend

It is logical that a character as bizarre as Marilyn Manson has been the target of a more urban legend than any other artist of his time. Among other things, it has been said of him that he amputated two ribs to be able to perform oral sex on himself. And that the battery of his group uses those ribs as drumsticks; that the true identity of Manson is Paul Pfeiffer, the young actor who played the friend of Kevin Arnold in the series Those wonderful years ; that during a concert he took out an eye with which he made a key ring; that the penis was removed; that he cut off a toe to inject heroin directly into the vein; that his father was a priest; who has at home the mummified corpse of his grandmother and a long etcetera.

The truth

Of course, it’s all a lie. The singer has not had the time or desire to deny all these fallacies. But once said that his ribs are intact. But we are talking about an artist who considers himself “the antichrist”. So it is possible that it was his own press office that has divulged many of these hoaxes. Aware of what Dalí said: “Let them talk about you, although it is good “.

10. Mama Cass died choking on a ham sandwichurban legend

The legend

As all his fans will know, Mama Cass Elliot, singer of The Mamas & The Papas, had certain problems of overweight, which gave him a heavy look that, on the other hand, was part of his charisma. When, in 1972, he died at 32 years of age. It was said that the reason for his death had been a bad snack given to a ham sandwich. With which the singer would have choked to death.

The truth

According to the autopsy, Mama Cass died of a fulminating heart attack, the result of her dizzying lifestyle and obesity. And no, no trace of food was found in his trachea. The legend started from a misunderstanding between the police and the press. Journalists were informed that a half-eaten sandwich had been found next to the singer’s body. But that the autopsy should still be done to prove the cause of death. Some media, anxious to give flesh, released in a hoax.

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