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Reasons to add live chat to your website

Although many people are happy to shop online, they still like to have the option of someone to contact if they have a question about a product or service. Email has its uses, but having live chat on a website offers an even wider array of benefits.

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With live chat, customers can get answers to queries almost instantly, making this a speedy and convenient way to contact customer service agents when shopping online. Although customers still have the option to pick up the phone and call an agent, communicating via live chat is often preferable. According to Salesforce, live chat can provide the real-time interaction that customers want in a more cost-effective way than a phone call, and it is also trackable and flexible.

Improve conversion rates

Some studies have shown that live chat can help to boost conversion rates. In situations where a customer might need some extra help or guidance to complete the purchase process, an agent can fulfil this task via live chat support. If a customer has to rely on email or picking up the phone to ask a question, there is an increased chance they’ll not bother to complete the transaction.

Remain competitive

According to AmberCouch, a website designer in Cardiff (https://ambercouch.co.uk/), when live chat is professionally incorporated into a website, it gives a business a competitive edge over those rivals who have not yet embraced this new form of real-time communications technology.

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Customer insights

The great benefit of using live chat on your website is that it gives you a unique opportunity to find out more about your customers, such as what kinds of problems they are encountering online or the specific questions they have. For instance, if you find that customers are asking the same questions repeatedly, you could use this knowledge to create an FAQ section detailing these commonly-asked questions, or maybe you could use these insights to provide improved information or descriptions on other areas of the website.

Builds trust

Some people still feel cautious when shopping online, especially when purchasing from brands that are not well established. Having human contact close to hand via live chat can help to put doubting minds at rest, and can reassure customers that you are genuine, thus helping to build confidence and trust in your brand.

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