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We three bad kings of England are…

It would be the work of, and already is, several volumes to describe how bad some of the kings of England have been. Cruel, uncaring, immovable, idiots the list can and does go on. Not that you see that form films. Regency diffidence suggests that if you speak to the King it’ll all be alright. Not true in the case of these 3 imbeciles. A Republic never seemed so appealing.

  1. King John. –. Whilst brother Richard, the Lionhearted one, was away fighting the third crusade, John thought it might be an idea to take over. He was the favourite after his other brothers rebelled against his Dad and dies young. It didn’t work, and Richard returned to rule. He forgave John who toed the line until Richards death and then became King. Richard left no heirs probably because he was gay. He proceeded to lose all his Northern France empire because he ticked off all his potential allies. So, if he was looking for Property for sale in France he should have tried http://www.frenchpropertysearch.com/. He spent loads trying to win them back only to fail. The Barons of England got so fed up with him asking and scrounging for money they forced him to sign the Magna Carta the basis for our constitution today. He even fell out with the Pope and couldn’t speak to God anymore.

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  1. Henry 8th. Don’t let anyone tell you he was a good King. He was a nightmare that caused centuries of problems that we’re only just sorting out now. He was married off by his Dad to get in with Spain. As soon as he became King he fancied Anne Boleyn and wanted to bin off Catherine of Aragorn who he’d got with. The Pope said, “no way” Catholic teachings were quite clear on the facts that you couldn’t do it. Henrys response was to make a Church of England with him at the head. He could then dictate the rules. He made it protestant so that priests could have sex, which was a big draw for them obviously. He was a Catholic at heart though even when he was excommunicated by the Pope. He was able to divorce Queens when he liked and did it 2 more times or had them killed as traitors. He set up the idea of divine right of Kings which was to cause no end of trouble and he spent the country’s wealth saved from tributes to the Pope and Rome on a massive ship that sunk just out of the harbour and palace upgrades.

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  1. Charles 1st. Divine right of Kings? This guy took it to the extremes and it cost him his head. Charles believed that he and no one else matter or their opinion and he could do what he liked because it was all sanctioned by God. He couldn’t get a Spanish girl, he turned up at court disguised as a woman, and had to make do with a French Catholic girl which did not go down well. He annoyed Parliament, stormed into the Commons and told them to go home. They formed, and army and the Civil war began. Even after he was beat he kept scheming and refused all overtures. Finally, an exasperated Parliament tried him as a traitor to the people and beheaded him.

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