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The Weird Things That You Never Knew You Could Actually Bet On

We all know that you can bet on sports, and people bet on their own odds of winning a card game all the time. The housing market is bet on every day by traders on Wall Street, and bankers are constantly betting on their own cash. However, there are some really interesting things that you probably didn’t know you could bet on. From UFOs and politics to even rural activities such as Cheese Rolling and ‘Wife Carrying’, betting can take on many forms.

You might have played the lottery, but you might never have bet on the lottery before. To play certain lotteries, you have to live in the state or country where they are taking place; however, by betting on their outcome, it is still possible to take part. For instance, it is possible to bet on the Irish lottery online at Paddy Power, and players don’t even have to bet on every number. You can bet on a single number if you wish, or even put together a combination to create an accumulator bet. Betting on the lottery might seem a little strange, but putting your money on single numbers is a great way to start if you have never played the lottery before.


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People will bet on anything that has an outcome, and it can often make a story feel more interesting than it actually is. Politics is a great example of this, and with the United States election coming up in the fall, people are currently placing their bets not only on who will be the next president, but who will be picked as a running mate for the democrats. If you’re not hugely into politics, taking a punt on a nominee could be a great place to start.

Reality shows have proven to be popular for those who enjoy betting on obscure markets, and shows such as Big Brother and American Idol opened a whole new market for those who had to sit down and watch with their partner. Often in these competitions there is a favorite, but sometimes the underdog will win, which can make the game even more thrilling. The 2019 American Idol win seemed to be all but claimed by Alejandro Andara in 2019; he had the judges gushing hyperbole at him from every which way and he seemed to be a favorite for producers. It must have come as a shock when the public chose Laine Hardy as their American Idol, which just shows how unpredictable and exciting the public vote can be.

People love to bet on sports, but did you know that you can bet on Wife Carrying, or that Wife Carrying is a sport? Every year Finland hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships, and thousands descend on the event to get a look at one of the strangest sports in the world. Men carry women (usually their wife) across an obstacle course of mud and water, and the first couple past the post wins the wife’s weight in beer and is named the champion. For the past two years, the World Wife Carrying Championships have been won by a Lithuanian couple who have become fan favorites. Wife Carrying contests happen across the world in many rural communities, and the North American Wife Carrying Championships even award the winner a trip to Finland to compete in the big leagues. For Wife Carrying enthusiasts this is serious, but for those on the outside, it can seem like a very bizarre thing to witness.


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All you need to create a good market to bet on is a good story and some high stakes for the audience to get involved. Whether it’s American Idol or the International Wife Carrying Championships, if you can get people rooting for a favorite, then they will be sure to take a bet.

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