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Six benefits of wearing wool

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and beautifully unique, wool is the perfect natural fibre addition to your wardrobe. This soft, cosy material is naturally clever and comes with some surprising benefits.

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1. Skin healthy

Wool is a natural protein fibre made up of three moisture-loving, grime-resistant and water-repellant layers. It’s perfect for keeping sheep (and us!) warm, comfortable and dry. It can be knitted into a wide variety of garments, examples of which can found across sites such as Shamrock Gifts. Some studies have indicated health and wellbeing benefits, associating wool bedding and sleepwear with more restful sleep and high thread count, low chemical production, and soothing sensitive skin.

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2. Environmentally friendly

Wool is a “full circle” fibre that is less damaging in process than other natural materials. Sheep must be sheared to help avoid mites, so using this naturally beautiful fibre in fashion reduces environmental impact and rewards consumers with beautiful high-quality, long-life products that biodegrade easily.

3. Renewable fibre source

The woolly fleece of a sheep typically needs shearing once a year and is an inherently renewable fibre source. Wool is also frequently and easily reused and recycled. The sustainability of wool growing is increasingly prioritised to ensure that the warm, natural material is readily available for future generations to benefit from.

4. Comfortable in every season

Wool is an active fibre that is perfect for regulating body temperature, retaining warmth in cold climes and releasing extra heat when temperatures rise. This versatility means that Aran sweaters can be used as an under layer in winter or a top layer in summer, reducing the number of garments you need across the year for a truly sustainable wardrobe essential.

5. Great for exercising

Naturally antibacterial and breathable, wool regulates your body temperature to the conditions you’re experiencing. The structure of these clever fibres gives wool high-performance wicking properties, absorbing and releasing moisture back into the air and keeping you comfortable pre-, mid- and post-workout.

6. Self cleansing

The protective outer layer of wool means that it’s naturally resistant to mites and dirt and doesn’t harbour bacteria. Hanging your garments out in the fresh air and sunlight can be enough to refresh them, or you can pop them through the wash on the wool cycle with a little of your own shampoo and they’re as good as new whilst saving on water and money!

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