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How to reheat lasagna

Preparing, eating, and savoring a good lasagna is one of the pleasures in life that I enjoy the most.

The other day, a friend of my boyfriend ordered me a lasagna. I made it the day before, let it cool down, and gave him directions to reheat it so it would be perfectly creamy and very cheesy.

That same day in the afternoon I received a call, he had loved it!

He told me that he had bought a lasagna from someone else and when it was heated it had been extremely dry.

To begin with, you should know that lasagna in the refrigerator lasts 3-4 days, or less if you are as fussy and eater as I am.

If the time comes when a piece of lasagna is all you need, just follow these simple instructions to heat it up and make it look fresh, you won’t notice the difference!

How to reheat lasagna in the MicrowaveHow to reheat lasagna

The microwave is a household appliance that many love because it is easy and quick to use.

If your lasagna is frozen, I recommend removing it from the freezer the night before so that it is cold but not frozen.

Serve the lasagna in a microwave-safe dish or container. You don’t want to set your kitchen on fire and also be very hungry.

The secret so that it does not dry out is to put about 3 tablespoons of water per serving on top of the lasagna or tomato sauce (if you have the same one that you prepared).

Wrap in plastic wrap and heat for 5 minutes if it is a complete lasagna (5 people).

If you are heating a single serving, add 2 tablespoons of water and heat for 90 seconds.

Tip: with an apple corer, remove the center of the lasagna, this way the heat will reach the last piece. Forget lasagna hot on the outside, but with cold filling!

How to reheat lasagna in the ovenHow to reheat lasagna

This is my favorite method if it takes longer, but it’s worth it.

It practically looks like “freshly made”. Start by preheating the oven to 200 C, when it reaches this temperature you will be almost ready to enjoy it, but don’t run there are still some very important raisins missing.

Place in a baking dish, pour a few tablespoons of sauce or water, cover with aluminum, and that’s it!

Lower the temperature to 180 C and bake your lasagna for 30 minutes.

To know it’s done, you should see a delicious layer of perfectly gratin cheese.

Now there is no excuse, to eat the perfect lasagna any day of the week!

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