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How to prevent mould from taking hold in your bathroom

Mould really loves to grow in warm, damp places. That’s why it loves bathrooms. Whether you have black, brown or the rust coloured variety, you’ll want to take care of it. Here are our top tips for doing just that.

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What’s the problem with mould?

Apart from the way it looks, mould can be bad for your health. Read more here from the NHS – https://www.nhs.uk/chq/Pages/Can-damp-and-mould-affect-my-health.aspx.

Move the air

Help your bathroom to dry out by opening a window for a while during or after your bath or shower. It can also help to fit a fan and connect it to the light or shower pull so it automatically comes on when you’re using the bathroom.

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Use the breeze

Help the air to circulate by keeping the bathroom door open when it’s not in use. The same holds true for shower cubicle doors or screens as if you can open them up and let the air flow into those spaces they will dry more quickly and that is bad news for mould.

Dry it down

Shower squeegees have become popular in recent years to keep glass clear, but you can go one step further by using a towel or microfibre cloth to dry off the walls and door of your shower cubicle.


Mould doesn’t like growing on acidic surfaces. It likes wet places like grout, which holds water longer than tiles, or tiles that have a layer of limescale on them. Use a mildly acidic daily shower spray to stop this buildup and keep mould at bay.

Waterproof products

Bathroom blinds are a great home for mould. Rather than using wood or fabric, use waterproof blinds from a company such as UC Blinds and you won’t have to worry about mould ruining their good looks.


Many people try and limit their use of bleach because of environmental concerns. If you follow our tips you should be able to keep bleach use to a minimum, but there are times when you need to crack open the bleach bottle. If you see mould starting to grow? Use bleach straight away and you will save yourself a much bigger job later.


You can buy products which will help seal the surface of porous surfaces such as grout. This will slow the progress of mould.

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