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Market Trends Opportunities after COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a trying time for the whole world. For months, scientists and healthcare professionals scrambled, while everyone else stayed at home. Now as the storm appears to be dying down, the world is trying to return to the life it knew. It is a risky step, but it is also an understandable one. It can take years before a vaccine arrives, and the world cannot stay in quarantine for that long. Cautiously, businesses are reopening, people are returning to work, and the market is awakening to trade. A question lingers though: Where do you put your money in a market that is fresh from a health pandemic? COVID-19 hit several sectors hard, but this is where ETFS can aid even the veteran traders and investors.

The Post-Pandemic Market

As brutal as COVID-19 has been to the world, there were some silver linings. As people stayed at home, nature was able to heal itself. You can see something similar to some industries. Travel and tourism, casinos and gaming, and the leisure sectors are among those who felt the brunt of the pandemic. However, some are expected to arise from the rubbles post the pandemic. Since no one could go out, eCommerce became an essential service to many for their purchases.

Similarly, tech companies that offer online grocery shopping and delivery also experienced a surge. As people still had to earn and study during this pandemic, many started working remotely. Telecommunication facilitated work and education to continue as companies coordinated, and schools held classes via teleconferencing. This trend towards everything home-related continued as household spending increased. Everything from home improvement to home gym equipment rose.

A New Trend

Many industries are recovering, but many others are thriving. ETFS’ that represent these thriving industries should be promising for both rookie and veteran traders. It also does not appear that these post-pandemic trends are only for the short run. The world has gone through several health pandemics. HIV, SARS, H1N1 swine flu, and many others have ravished the health of many, but none has put the world to its knees as COVID-19 did. Suddenly, industries that people thought were stable shook and fell. Their favourite exotic fruits and vegetables were no longer available in supermarkets. Their 24/7 gyms had to re-rack their weights indefinitely. Even hospitals had to prioritise their healthcare efforts. COVID-19 became a wake-up call for self-sufficiency. 

New Opportunities

These new trends come with new opportunities. The prices industries that took most of the punches went down, but if there is one thing consistent with industry giants, it is their resilience. One way or another, these industries will rise again, and you can ride the wave by investing in ETFs that represent these industries. Likewise, you also have the chance to hop on the ETFs of the new growing industries. Your investments on them will help these old and new giants rise, and you can stand on their shoulders.

So far, 2020 has had wild, scary, and unpredictable times for the world. Fires ravaged Australia. There were rumours of war between the United States and Iraq. Puerto Rico had earthquakes. The US and Venezuela had humanitarian crises. A volcano erupted in the Philippines. And now COVID-19 put the world on full stop. However, human resilience has proven itself, time and time again to be all-enduring. Everyone is determined to continue living as normal or even better as they can be. The same should go for your life goals. Do not let these times be a hindrance to your financial success.

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