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7 Quick Home Improvements to Make This Weekend

Home improvements don’t have to mean major upheaval. In fact, there are some small jobs which you could accomplish this weekend that could really make a big difference to your home.


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Squeaky Hinges

Make squeaky doors a thing of the past by spraying WD40 on the hinges and moving the doors backwards and forwards to work in and spread the lubricant. If you don’t have any WD40, petroleum jelly will also work, and if neither of these do the job, lift the pins in each hinge about halfway up and use a three-in-one oil to lubricate them. Make sure you have a rag on hand to catch any drips.

Peeling Wallpaper

Smear a sheet of writing paper with wallpaper paste. Rub this paper on the back of any peeling wallpaper before pressing it back against your wall. Slide your piece of paper out and then smooth away any bubbles using a clean cloth.

Noisy Floor

When the time’s right you might want to invest in some great new engineered wood flooring from a company such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html, but in the meantime, you can use talcum powder to solve the squeaks. Simply sprinkle the powder over the squeaky area and then sweep it into cracks. You’ll need to make sure you get rid of all traces of the powder if you’re likely to want to refinish your floor.

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Worn Caning

Reverse age-related sagging by using a sponge to dampen the bottom with warm water. Allow to dry overnight and then repeat if needed.

Dusty Chandelier

Invest in a pair of white gloves and wear one dry one and one dampened with an appropriate cleaner. Switch off your lights and wait for the fixture to cool before cleaning with the damp glove and drying with the other.

Stained Bath Tub

Use lemon juice to make a paste with equal amounts of baking powder and cream of tartare. Rub it into any stains using a soft cloth or your fingers, and leave for around half an hour before rinsing off with clean warm water. Discover more stain-removing tips on the BBC Homes website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/housekeeping/bettystips_index.shtml 

Sticking Sliding Windows

Use silicone spray lubricant to grease the skids to prevent sticking. Spray the lubricant on to a rag and then wipe the tracks. This should work whether they’re plastic, wood or metal.

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