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How Can I Build a Home Entertainment Centre?

We all spend more and more time in front of screens of one sort or another. While some people try to get away from this, others embrace it by making their screen time as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. And if you’re looking into building a home entertainment system, you’re probably one of the latter.

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Here are a couple things to consider when looking to build a home entertainment centre. 

Cord Cutter or Collector?

‘Cord cutting’, or going without satellite or cable hook-ups, is increasing popular, and with more and more streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime available, it’s more viable than ever before. Deciding whether you want to remain with traditional television services and set-top boxes or build a media PC is a big part of your decision.

Building a home theatre PC can look expensive at first, but a properly configured PC can replace every other set-top device and leave you with better access to online services.

An HTPC might be less of an option if you have a vast collection of Blu-ray or similar physical media. You can, of course, use freely available software to transfer your collection, but it is extremely time-consuming and doesn’t always do justice to special features and other extras you may have collected.

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What About the Rest?

If you want a fully luxurious experience, you might want to look into cool extras like a home automation system. A home automation system can enhance your multimedia experience and also integrate with your heating, cooling, Wi-Fi and home monitoring.

Obviously, an HDTV and sound system are necessary, but remember that a home theatre is modular. Once you have the core in place – that is, whatever you need to play all the media you want, be it a HTPC or a number of set-top devices – then upgrading the TV or sound system is fairly straightforward.

When shopping for a TV or sound system, you need to consider the space you are using more than anything else. A small room can do a lot with a less powerful sound system, and the distance between your seating and the television, as well as the size of the room, should drive your purchases.

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